August 27, 2010

Food Friday: Jackfruit

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Fresh jackfruit grown in Florida, in portions or the whole fruit, is now available in Asian grocery stores in my area. They are as good as the ones from Asia but the color is not as deep yellow maybe because the fruits are picked a little early.

Jackfruit is a favorite of mine. I cook them in sugar syrup then add the sweet langka in halo-halo, ice cream, candies, sapin-sapin, guinatan, and of course in saba banana turon which I'll make this weekend. I also boil the seeds with a little sea salt until they are very soft. They're so good for snacking.

guinatan halo-halo


Gizelle said...

Growing up surrounded by langka trees, the fruit has become my favorite...I love it in ginataan and turon or plain lang na fruit, or remember yung may gata na gulay na langka? But now I can't eat it na because when I do my throat itches :( allergic na.

your halo halo foto looks heavenly!

Unknown said...

I loved ginaatan. That looks great. I'm craving some now.

maiylah said...

yummy!!! funny, my sisters and i were just talking about langka yesterday...we all love eating the fruit, but not too fond of the 'process' of getting them. lol. back in the province we enjoy eating the seeds, too...nakakamiss! been ages since we ate that fruit together... :)

cusinera said...

I love the scent of ripe jackfruit, and you got a beautiful ginataan bilo-bilo, complete=) you got ube cubes too. Just bought some fresh ube yesterday, I have to figure out what to make..=)

Sidney said...

Jack fruit is really not my thing...
but read somewhere it is very healthy.

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