March 29, 2009

It's Easy Being Square

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glazed fudge brownies

There are so many choices of baking pans with all sorts of shapes and designs in the baking aisles at chain stores and discount kitchen shops. Last year I got a coated metal with 2-inch squares and a silicone with 1-inch squares. I use them for single serve brownies and cakes. Baking the brownies in these pans eliminates the step of cutting it into squares. They are easier to store and serve, and I like it for portion control. Isn't that cool? The flexible silicone is more versatile as it can be used for the cutest mini-cakes and to freeze embedded liquids to decorate drinks, or for freezing lemon juice or stock.

glazed fudge brownies, calamansi cupcake squares

Hip To Be Square is this week's Lasang Pinoy Sundays, a weekly food photography meme, hosted by SpiCes.


Mirage said...

Oggi, those are really cute creations! I came to your flickr first and saw the goooeeyyy brownies.....ayan napabake tuloy ako. lol.

thess said...

How I wish I could taste your calamansi and strawberry blondies, wow!

Pinky said...

Calamansi cupcakes - how unique! Would love to have some of that please! :)


wow! your brownies and cupcakes are so cute! galing mo mag bake! and oo nga, my lemon squares would have been better formed if i used baking pans with individual squares.

ces said...

now i'm convinced about those square pans! i saw one at Marshalls hee:) and that brownie spells gooey, divine,delicious...sinful! nice shot!:)

Sidney said...

Hmmmm... I go for your Strawberry Blondies...

iska said...

another brownie... YUM! love it!
and i like flexible silicone bakeware, too.

agent112778 said...

wow ang sarap brownies

my entry is here

magandang araw ka-lasa-ista :)
Salamat sa pagbisita :)

JMom said...

Oh I love those pans! That's a great idea, like you said, about portion control. I have to get me one of those pans :)

those cakes and brownies just look scrumptious!

Oggi said...

Gizelle, they are gooey, fudgy, and chewy but the edges are crunchy, sarap. And from a boxed mix too.:)

Thess, the calamansi has a more subtle taste than lemon. And the strawberry blondies are sooo delicious.

Pinky, substitute calamansi for lemon in cakes or's different and tastes Pinoy specially if you add lots of grated zest.

Mushroomsfromhome, I like that the brownies are crunchy on all sides just the way I like them.

Ces, thanks. I love gooey stuff too.

Sidney, I knew you are a GENTLEMAN (prefer blondie?), heheh.

Iska, they are harder to handle and breads don't brown enough but I still like using them.

Jay, they were gone in no time, yum yum.:)

JMom, somehow I can discipline myself by eating just one a day and feel satisfied.:)

Paula Maack said...

I love this, Oggi! How cool are those square shapes???

Your creations look delicious, too. You are making me so hungry!!!


~ Paula

Christine said...

so glad i found your blog! i've been looking everywhere for a white puto recipe that does not call for bisquick or AP flour! thank you!

Oggi said...

Paula, thanks!:)

Christine, you're welcome.:)

Loves Pickles said...

I must have these!!

Oggi said...

Loves Pickles, they're irresistible! Cute and functional too.:)

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