November 23, 2007

French Toast Bites

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french toast bites with maple caramel sauce

There's always leftover bread in my house after the holidays and the perfect way to use them is making them into French toast (pain perdu) for breakfast or brunch. Old baguette, brioche, or challah is my bread of choice because not only are they delicious they also don't become soggy. This time I made them into small bites with maple caramel sauce and different toppings.
BTW, the Japanese duo Cibo Matto has a song Le Pain Perdu, about getting out (of a relationship) before it gets stale, check out the lyrics. I actually got the idea of making pain perdu when this song came on while I was preparing the turkey stuffing.:-)

Le Pain Perdu Lyrics

French Toast Squares
1 egg, well beaten
1 tablespoon sugar
4 tablespoon flour
½ cup whole milk
2 cups 1-inch cubed day old baguette or brioche
powdered sugar, optional
  • Mix egg, sugar, flour, and milk. Soak bread for 10 minutes. Heat a skillet, add 2 T butter and fry bread until golden brown and crisp. Serve with syrup and fruits of your choice or top with Nutella, fruit preserves, or sweetened heavy cream. Sprinkle with powdered sugar, if desired.


Ruy said...

Now I can do this! My wife loves french toast.=)

Oggi said...

ruy, it's very easy to make yet so yummy specially with caramel sauce.:)

Sidney said...

Pain Perdu.... those are childhood memories... my mother used to prepare this for us... I can't remember when I ate Pain Perdu for the last time....

Chibog in Chief said...

soo nice, you even have the pain perdu lyrics :-) you know i always ask my darling to do pain perdu for me...with caramel sauce really good

raissa said...

i enjoy the music of Cibo Matto =) and I also love french toast and this idea is so neat making them bite size. thanks!

Oggi said...

sidney, maybe you can ask Ruy to invite you when he makes them.:)

dhanggit, you are one lucky girl!:)

raissa, I love Cibo Matto's weird but wonderful music, and the songs make me hungry too!:)

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