November 13, 2007

Caramel Apples


pumpkin pie granny smith, simple caramel crab apple, mint chips and milk chocolate chips fuji This is one treat during Halloween and/or Thanksgiving weekend that has never appealed to me *psst, because you're old*. I prefer to eat apples as a snack, not candy, with sliced Manchego cheese as dessert, or in grilled cheese sandwich. I am not so sure why these jaw and teeth breaking caramel apples are so popular here in the US and of all places in the Philippines. And why in the world would you coat the apples with so much chocolate, why???

Anyway, I have some leftover caramel and coated 3 apples to see what the attraction is and also to add the pictures to my flickr photos, heheh. I actually like the pumpkin pie coating which is a mixture of ground graham crackers, raw sugar, and pumpkin pie spice but is still not as appealing as, say, caramel enrobed in bittersweet chocolate. Anybody in my house is welcome to eat them, but I doubt if they will. I bet the apples will stay on the counter forever and ever.:D

coated with a mixture of graham crackers, coarse raw sugar, and pumpkin pie spice

You can use caramel candies available from the groceries, I think it won't make any difference in taste and go wild with your coatings: rice crispies and peanuts, mini marshmallows and chopped almonds then drizzled with melted chocolate, chopped butterfingers, white chocolate and butterscotch chips but don't make them look so gaudy. But then, maybe the gaudy ones on display shelves or on the dinner table are more attractive specially to children.:D


Anonymous said...

I too never quite understood the fascination with candied apples. I've never had one, but your creations look delicious.

Sidney said...

I am sure my dentist would be delighted ! ;-)

Anonymous said...

lolz i have to agree. in my book it's in league with those fudge bars. it's a wonder to me why they are so popular

Oggi said...

Thanks, Marvin. Wow, you have never tried it? Pop a Kraft or Brach's caramel candy in your mouth, then take a bite from an apple, instant caramel apple.:D

sidney, dentists will either thank you (for the business) or curse you!:D

cathy, fudge bars, oh yeah, when I first saw those large chunks at Disneyland, I had a hard time keeping the H from going near the store! I make them once in a blue moon but I'm not into them either.:D

Chibog in Chief said...

im not such an apple fanatic but seeing how you transformed them ..i think im finally converted...they look so adorably delicious..too bad my baby is too small to enjoy these candied apples :-(

Oggi said...

dhanggit, these are good to look at but hard to eat unless they are pre-sliced.

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