April 4, 2007

Fish for Holy Week

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tawilis steamed with sea salt and kamias and wrapped in banana leaves

monkfish chunks wrapped in prosciutto

I cooked a few fish dishes, there's also meat and vegetarian dishes for non fish eaters. I'm not inclined to do anything for the next few days and also will not be posting until Easter. So here are some ideas for a fishy weekend:

  • Monkfish chunks wrapped in prosciutto, sauce is butter and white wine
  • Fresh cod simmered with black olives, red bell peppers, sliced baby potatoes and onions
  • Tawilis steamed with salt and kamias wrapped in banana leaves
  • Baked or grilled milkfish stuffed with chopped tomatoes and onions


Gitta said...

Heeey. The monkfish wrapped in prosciutto? That's cheating! ;)

And eating those itty bitty fish is like solving a rubiks cube. All that work for a reward that is, while satisfying, still not much to look at. Three fish = gone in 2 bites! :'(

Oggi said...

Yeah, I know, but the ham is so good with the lobster-like monkfish.

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