January 13, 2011

Got Sauce?

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Got Sauce?
a few must-have sauces and condiments: Thai sriracha, Mang Tomas lechon, Thai sweet chilli, Jufran banana ketchup, Tabasco, tomato ketchup, KFC barbecue

Got Sauce?
this is my enabler, the Korean store's fully stocked shelves on both sides of the aisle: Asian sauces from China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam and (not pictured) on another aisle, Korean and Japanese sauces

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How many bottles of opened sauces and condiments occupy your refrigerator and baskets? Me, I have lost count. Some that are labeled "refrigeration not necessary" are in a basket near the breakfast table and the rest, too numerous to list down, are scattered all over the fridge. I wonder if there is a support group for my sauce hoarding ailment.:D


maiylah said...

that's lot if you've lost count! i only have a few in my arsenal, lol. :)

caninecologne said...

i have at least 8 bottles of diff't types of sauce in the fridge. i just used up two different 1/3 full bbq sauces in a slow cooker ribs recipe just so i could get rid of the bottles and free up some space!

chef_d said...

I always have half-bottlefuls of sauces because I have to try every bottle that piques my curiosity!

Gizelle said...

Ayy, I have Heinz ketchup, mang tomas lechon sauce, Chili chicken (forgot the brand) sauce, chili sauce (but not tabasco) too! There's also sukiyaki, teriyaki, mango-chili and more...and practically from the Asia shop too...we're somehow a step closer to home with these. Have a lovely weekend Oggi...

Luna Miranda said...

LOL a support group! yeah, that's a great idea! Sauces Anonymous?:p

i have about half a dozen bottles of sauces and condiments. there's Thai sweet chili sauce, Mang Tomas, Ranch and Blue Cheese dressing, BBQ sauce, Thai fish sauce, Knorr seasoning, plus the sinamak, etc. kaloka!

Arlene said...

wow ang damin nyan! i can imagine it's fun shopping at asian stores. i so love it! ang daming mga gamit na di mo makita sa ibang grocery stores. :)

Jay - agent112778 said...

your mang tomas and jufran bottle labels looks old to me, di na ganayan ang label dito sa pinas, gawa ba dyan ang mga yan?

heres my Food Friday Entry

oggi said...

Hi all, good to know I'm not alone.:)

R, bbq ribs sound yummy.:)

Luna, oh yeah, I forgot about my bottles of homemade sinamak and a just-purchased kurat vinegar from Iligan.

Jay, I checked, they are both products of the Philippines. The labels on the unopened bottles of Mang Tomas and Jufran in my pantry have the same labels too. Siguro the bottles with new labels will show up here in the US later this year.

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