August 31, 2015

Snow Skin Mooncake

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I have been trying for a few years now to find or make the toasted glutinous rice for snow skin mooncake without any success. I finally decided to cook the dough/skin on the stove and it actually works. The skin is soft and easy to use. I don't really mind the additional step. The mooncakes are great but I still prefer the baked ones because of their soft cake-y shells.

I took a fourth of the cooked dough and added a few drops of mango flavoring and some chopped Philippine dried mangoes to the lotus seed filling. Into another fourth dough, I kneaded in 2 tablespoons of ground toasted black sesame seeds. The rest I left plain but filled it with young coconut and pandan flavored filling.

Snow Skin Mooncake
½ cup + 2 tablespoons glutinous rice flour
4 tablespoons regular rice flour
2½ tablespoons potato starch
7 tablespoons sugar
200 ml whole milk
75 ml young coconut water (or increase whole milk to 275 ml)
30 ml light olive or grapeseed oil

dried lotus seed paste recipe here

for rolling the mooncake
toasted glutinous rice flour

  • Place all skin ingredients in a medium nonstick saucepan. Cook, while constantly stirring with a rubber spatula, over medium-low heat until thickened and the mixture is fully cooked (try a small piece). 
  • Leave to cool. Transfer on the work surface and knead until very smooth. Divide dough and filling; proportion should be 65% filling to 35% skin. 
  • Shape filling into balls and set aside. 
  • Flatten a piece of skin into a thin round. Place the ball in the center and cover completely with skin dough; pinch to seal. Roll ball in toasted glutinous rice flour. Stamp, smooth side up, using mooncake mold. It's done!


Fei said...

Thank you😁
Have been wanting to know if you can actually cook the snow skin dough over the stove! You did it!!!

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