May 23, 2013

Pasta and Grilled Asparagus

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Three days ago I downloaded for free from Amazon an Italian cookbook, a gardening book, and 2 novels. Well, the cookbook is now $1.99 but it's still a good buy though. I visit the store regularly to check for freebies and so far I like most of the books I got.

The first recipe that caught my eye was the Tagliarini and Grilled Asparagus. Tagliarini are flat ribbon pasta similar to tagliatelle but slightly narrower. I didn't have tagliarini, tagliatelle, or spaghetti so I made my own. It's very easy to make with a manual pasta maker or even by hand.

The recipe has a cheese measurement typo, I think, so I won't share it although I prepared the dish following the procedure, adjusting the amount of cheese. The pasta dish is very good and healthy too. I really love it.

Pasta and Grilled Asparagus
1 pound cleaned and prepared fresh asparagus spears
1 clove roasted garlic
¼ cup pine nuts
4 ounces grated Parmesan cheese
2 tablespoons chopped Italian parsley
¼ cup extra virgin olive oil plus extra for brushing on asparagus
sea salt to taste
1 pound tagliatelle or thin spaghetti
  • Process garlic and pine nuts in a small food processor for 1 minute. Add cheese and parsley and process for 1 minute. Slowly add oil and process until smooth. Add salt if needed then transfer into a large bowl; and set aside. 
  • Heat grill or cast iron grill pan, brush asparagus with oil, then cook asparagus for about 10 minutes, turning often to cook evenly. Cut into 1 inch pieces and toss with the dressing. 
  • Cook pasta al dente, drain, and toss with the dressing. 

Egg Noodles

¾ cup all-purpose flour
1 egg
  • In a small bowl or mini food processor, mix flour and egg until combined. Knead 10 times on a lightly floured surface until dough is smooth. Wrap in plastic and let rest for 1 hour. Roll dough into a very thin rectangle, dusting with flour to prevent sticking. Fold or roll the rectangle and cut into thin 2 mm ribbons. Separate strands, dusting with more flour.


maiylah said...

awww, that's awesome, making your own pasta! love the recipe..healthy!
i love the freebies that Amazon hands out!

thanks so much for sharing and linking over at Food Friday, Ms. Oggi

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