April 20, 2012

No Rise Pizza Dough

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I was curious when I saw the no rise yeast for pizza dough and after baking one yesterday I can say it's not good at all. The dough doesn't have much flavor nor chewiness; it's just like ordinary bland white bread. I don't recommend it and I believe there is no instant pizza dough that you can mix, knead for 4 minutes, and ready to form, top, bake right away and have a great tasting pizza with the correct texture. Peter Reinhart's Neapolitan Pizza Dough is still the best in my honest opinion. Retarding the pizza dough in the refrigerator for at least one night makes the best tasting pizza dough.


I followed the direction on the package and made one 12-inch topped with everything but the kitchen sink. It has tomato sauce, Romano and mozzarella cheeses, Italian sausage, pepperoni, sauteed onions and green peppers, artichoke, and black olives.


Unknown said...

this looks absolutely delicious! i admire your dedication--if i'm craving for pizza, i'll just have it delivered.:p

Unknown said...

oh, but about 2 decades ago, when food delivery was unheard of, i made some home-made pizza using no rise pizza dough. ubos pa rin yon!:p

Kim, USA said...

Oh my looking at this made me crave for pizza. ^_^

Maja Blanca

Dexie said...

That pizza is loaded! My kind of pizza! :)

Sweethestia said...

HOw i wish we have this here in the Philippines.

Just followed you blog, hope you follow mine too

Iska said...

Oh YUM! And filling! That's something my boys would love!

Juliana said...

Nice looking pizza Oggi, would love to have a slice now :)
Hope you are having a great week!

Jessica said...

pizza looks so colorful and delightful to munch :-) we have that for dinner last night :-) Dropping by from FF


maiylah said...

awww, too bad it wasn't what you were expecting. does look delicious (with all those yummmmy toppings...panalo! lol), though.

appreciate much your sharing over at Food Friday, Ms. Oggie

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