October 9, 2011

Filipino Food Website Stealing Photos

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There is another Filipino food website that has been stealing photos from food blogs and putting its watermark on the photos. The blogger then posts recipes using the stolen photo on the website and on facebook. I saw the website on Foodie Blogroll and reported it as fraudulent. If you have a Filipino food blog and are a member of Foodie Blogroll, please check if you have your photos reused without proper attribution or permission and report to Foodie Blogroll and facebook.This is the only way to stop these blog and photo thieves and crooks. This website comes from the same area of Bacolod where the other Copy/Paste Crook is from. It may be owned by the same thieves.

website  http://www.pinoyrecipe.net/
facebook  http://www.facebook.com/PinoyRecipedotnet

Update 10/10/11: The website owner has already removed all the photos that don't belong to them.

Update 10/13/11:  After reading a few of the posts, I found that most of their write-up and description of, or introduction to a dish are "frankensteinized" from other blogs combined with wiki entries. What annoys me is they usually do not make sense. For example, their translation of Arroz Caldo is Hot Rice, which was lifted from a Filipino blogger who mistakenly used the Italian translation of caldo which means warm, hot, fervent, instead of the Spanish caldo, broth. The description that they wrote taken directly from wiki mentions the Chinese origin [congee] of arroz caldo that THE SPANISH PEOPLE loved to eat at the time. And then they went ahead and used the ITALIAN translation because it's at the top of the entries of a translation page. What do the Italians have to do with a Spanish/Chinese/Filipino dish??? DOES.NOT.MAKE.SENSE. This is the problem with writing a post by copy/paste from other sources laziness instead of thinking and writing for themselves and not understanding the food or dish they are writing about. The sad thing is instead of imparting their knowledge about Filipino food, they are spreading incorrect information to their readers. Definitely not a good thing.


Unknown said...

Again? I used to use that site too.

Oggi said...

Yes, unfortunately. I thought it was a legitimate cooking website but I had a gut feeling it's one of those cook pretenders. When I saw two of my photos on there, I knew it is a fraudulent website. The shameless owners attached their watermark on my photo knowing full well they don't own it. They will get their karma one of these days.:)

cusinera said...

hay naku oggi! they are giving me a headache=( I also found another website who used my pic and cropped my watermark, msg her pero dedma=( check this site just in case she got some pics from you...http://www.exoticphilippines.info/2011/08/filipino-culture-tips-on-top-pasalubong.html

Oggi said...

Althea, kumusta na. Yun bang colorful puto sa yo? They looked familiar.

I saw on this pinoyrecipe.net one of our KCC members' photo of pastillas in colorful papers but can't remember who it belongs to. I think it was for the food as gift theme.

These thieves are sprouting up like poisonous mushrooms after a week of nonstop rain. Maybe they desperately want to be on my Blog Thieves Hall of Shame.LOL

OPC said...

The site is an old site, some of my photos and recipes has been copied also, now that the site is popular it started to delete those plaqarized photos.

Oggi said...

Hi Noel, when I asked the owner to remove my 2 photos he promptly did and he emailed me saying he already removed all the photos that were on the website before he acquired it. He seems okay, I guess.

cusinera said...

@oggi~ yeah, the pic is mine...she cropped out the watermark=( I already msg her nicely pero dedma tlaga ang loka. She'll get it soon (karma)if she just ignore this;P

Dexie said...

Thanks for the tip. I've been to that site a few times and I've always wondered.

Oggi said...

Althea, first time I've encountered the word dedma and googled it. I learned a new Filipino term for patay malicia. Thanks.:)

Dexie, it's an old site with new owners. I will regularly monitor it and hope they will keep it free of stolen recipes and photos.

Anonymous said...

Eduardo Joven of http://www.pinoyrecipe.net is a copyright thief. He not only steals photos from other but also articles and recipes of other websites. Shame on Eduardo Joven.

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