September 29, 2011

Giant Marshmallow S'mores

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Giant Marshmallow S'mores
giant marshmallow S'more...
crusty gooey roasted giant marshmallow and soft milk chocolate 
between crispy honey Graham crackers...what's not to love?

Food stuff here in the US are getting bigger and bigger to lure consumers like magpies who are attracted to bright shiny new things. Being a magpie myself, I just couldn't resist getting a bag when I saw it at Walmart two weeks ago. These giant roasters are really really big. I roasted one,skewered in a barbecue stick, on the stove top fire and sandwiched it in one halved piece of Graham cracker together with 6 squares of Hershey's milk chocolate bar. That's a lot of marshmallow and chocolate. I was in sugar heaven but could only eat one at a's filling and satisfying. And delicious!

Giant Marshmallows
they're huge

what you'll need for a sugar high moment: 
giant marshmallow, Graham crackers, barbecue stick, Hershey's milk chocolate 
*milk chocolate is best for S'mores because it softens faster 
and tastes better than dark chocolate

roast marshmallow over stove top fire, place on top of Graham cracker 
and chocolate, top with another Graham cracker, press lightly, 
let chocolate soften, then take a big bite


Mika said...

I am a fan of S'mores! mmmm looks oh so yummy :)

Unknown said...

I have been dying to try those but Im scared to bring them home.

maiylah said...

oh wow! sugar overload!!!! am so sure my sons will love this! :D

thanks so much for sharing this sweet treat over at Food Friday, Ms. Oggi
have a great weekend ahead!

Jay-agent112778 said...

i love melted chocolate and marshmallows

heres my entry

Unknown said...

i love it! perfect when you need a sugar-kick.:p

Guia Obsum said...

Wow, wow, wow!! Yummy yummy yummy s'mores!! :) Okay, I'm craving!

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