August 25, 2011

Food Friday: Watermelon Cooler

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Watermelon Cooler

It's starting to get cold in the early morning and I'm trying to enjoy watermelon these last few weeks of summer. I usually prefer just taking large bites of chilled watermelon slices or pre-cut into large chunks but steeping  lemon rinds and mint leaves in watermelon juice for several hours in the refrigerator makes a really cool watermelon drink. I don't add sugar or honey to the clear juice which I prepare by blending chunks in the blender and straining the pulp over a fine mesh lined with coffee filter. I fill a glass with a little crushed ice, then add 1/3 part soda, seltzer, or sparkling water [or lambanog/vodka] to 2/3 part clear juice. It's so refreshing, a little minty with just a hint of lemon.

Watermelon Cooler
6 cups watermelon chunks
4 strips lemon zest
a small bunch fresh mint
crushed ice
Perrier sparkling water
lemon slices or mint leaves for garnish
  • Place a sieve over a bowl; line sieve with round coffee filter. 
  • Blend watermelon in a blender. Pour into the lined sieve. Discard pulp. 
  • Place mint in a quart Mason jar. Bruise mint leaves with a wooden spoon. Add the lemon zest and the watermelon juice. Chill in the refrigerator for 4 hours. 
  • To serve: In a tall glass, add a quarter full of crushed ice. Stir in watermelon juice and a quarter cup of Perrier. Garnish with mint leaves or lemon slice.


maiylah said...

...oooh, that looks refreshing! love that vodka is also part of the recipe! ;)

many thanks for playing again, Ms. Oggi
enjoy the rest of the week!

JMom said...

That sounds delicious! I'll have to try it out while there's still watermelon in the store :)

Juliana said...

This watermelon drink looks delicious, I'll definitely add some vodka...after all it is Friday :-)
Hope you have a wonderful weekend Oggi!

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