September 27, 2010

Pain Meunier

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Pain Meunier
Pain Meunier

Oh boy, I bought yet another baking book and I promise this would be the last, really...for the rest of the year. The book is called ADVANCED BREAD AND PASTRY A Professional Approach by Michel Suas. It's a big and heavy book with lots of beautiful photos and recipes for yeasted and quick breads, cakes, pastries, candies, fondants, and all sorts of confectionery. The book is definitely not for beginners but I recommend it to someone who is thinking of starting a baking business. Although I have been baking breads, cakes, and pastries for years now, it will take me many more to make them as professional looking as the ones in the book. Maybe I'll just read, learn a little, and admire the photos...or bake some of the yeasted breads that look and sound good. Like Pain Muenier or Miller's bread. This delicious and nutritious bread has all the components of the wheat kernel: bread flour, whole wheat flour, cracked wheat, and wheat germ. It's easy to make too, nothing too complicated or time consuming.

Pain Meunier history and a recipe that's almost identical to the book's is here.

Shaping Fendu
shaping fendu: make a thin 1½-inch indentation down the center of the batard, then fold one side into the center


Rosemary & Garlic said...

Look at those holes! How many days until the end of the year?

Sidney said...

I miss that kind of bread... with some French cheese...and a bottle of wine...

Well, you can't have it all :-0

Midge said...

These would be perfect warm with kesong puti and a chilled Sauternes. (Oh, and may I just say the slices look like friendly owls? :D)

Unknown said...

Is this much better than the other book?

Oggi said...

Anne Marie, tehee...

Sidney and Midge, you have the same idea.:)

Joy, this book is way more comprehensive than any baking book I have ever read. Nick Malgieri's look like a kiddiegarten book compared to this one. For a beginner, this will be overwhelming but will be very useful once he/she got some experience. It's a step higher than Jeffrey Hamelman's BREAD but I can't really compare them because BREAD is mainly yeasted breads.

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