June 15, 2010

Milo Shake

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Milo Shake

Milo toast has been my regular breakfast food since I wrote about it and I have yet to get tired of it. I soon will, don't worry, because I found another way to enjoy Milo and condensed milk: good old malted milk shake. It is the best drink to cool off this summer and I love to eat the crunchy Milo on top in between brain freeze sips of the shake.

The recipe is just a guide. You can add more or use less but why would you do that? Milo powder to suit your taste or use reduced fat milk, it's up to you. But most important, add a layer of Milo on top. It's delicious and satisfying. I promise you'll be purring like a cat. =^..^=

Milo Shake
6 tablespoons Milo malted powder
3 tablespoons cold sweetened condensed milk
2½ cups cold whole milk
3 tablespoons cold heavy cream
1½ cups ice cubes
Milo malted powder for topping
  • In a blender, blend on high all the ingredients, except the Milo for topping, until thick and frothy. Pour into 2 tall glasses. Top each glass with 2 tablespoons of Milo. Sit back and enjoy your shake.


TS of eatingclub vancouver said...

Just EATING the Milo powder is my favorite. ;D

Oggi said...

TS, heheh.

i♥pinkc00kies said...

Milo Dinosaur! :D refreshing...

Oggi said...

u8mypinkc00kies, does The Godzilla have more Milo or is it a different kind of monster?:p

Anonymous said...

I just use the recipe to make the Milo shake and it is AWESOME!

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