March 11, 2010

Milo Toast

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 Milo and sweetened condensed milk on toasted bread

As a child [up to my 20s], my favorite breakfast drink was Milo malted chocolate powder mixed in ice cold milk. I started drinking coffee in my late twenties and haven't had Milo since. I occasionaly drink Nesquick hot chocolate and sometimes add a little in my coffee, not often because it makes my coffee sweet and I prefer unsweetened coffee.

I read in several Filipino blogs a restaurant in the Philippines that serves Milo Toast, a toasted brown bread topped with dry Milo and a drizzling of sweetened condensed milk. It's a popular breakfast food in Singapore and other Asian cities. I used to eat dry Milo or Ovaltine from a cup. I got the habit from my older sister who was a very picky eater. She was forced by my mother to eat dry Ovaltine because she couldn't stand the combination of Ovaltine/Milo and milk, it made her nauseous. While I didn't have problem with food of any kind, I followed my sister's lead and discovered eating dry Ovaltine or Milo was better as a snack than a drink.

I can't remember the last time we had Milo in the house, maybe more than 20 years ago. We always have Horlicks or Carnation malted milk and Nesquick which doesn't have malt. So I went to the grocery store and bought a small tin of Milo, toasted 2 slices of white bread, topped one with Nesquick and the other with Milo. The Milo won hands down because of two things, flavor and texture. Milo is malted and has granular consistency which is sort of crunchy and I love its tendency to stick to the roof of my mouth. I know I'm weird. And now I'm totally hooked. OMG! Very yummy. Very sweet. Very addicting.

To make Milo Toast: Toast slices of white or whole wheat bread, drizzle all over with sweetened condensed milk, spread Milo on toast, drizzle with more milk. You may also butter the bread before drizzling with milk but I prefer it without. Enjoy the toasts with sunny-side-up fried egg/s and a large mug of coffee or combination coffee and tea with sweetened condensed milk. 


Unknown said...

I did not think of putting milo on toast. But I did used to eat ovaltine plain. I was able to find the candy version too. I have to try this sometime.

Mirage said...

hihi, love this! I love eating milo and ovaltine too, not drinking it, i think that's the reason they came with the idea of ovaltine candies...Do you know the milk: KLIM? I eat that too, mas masarap without water! :D

Oggi said...

Joy, I forgot about the Ovaltine candies. I always buy them whenever they are available at the Philgrocer which is not very often. Now I have the munchies.:D

Gizelle, KLIM! LOL. I should try eating it.:)

caninecologne said...

hi oggi - i haven't seen milo since i was in the philippines eons ago (3 decades plus). i've never had milo on toast before - and my gosh, that condensed milk - sounds delicious. condensed milk is my friend. coffee, shaved ice and now toast. thanks for sharing this.

Sidney said...

I like Milo but not on my toasted bread :-o

Oggi said...

R, you will definitely love this. I'm already thinking of rolled crepes with the same combo plus sliced bananas. Yum!

Sidney, you MUST try it at least once.:)

Lory said...

OMG! This brings back a lot of memories! I used to eat Ovaltine and Klim as well...mas masarao nga without water. Haha!
I am afraid to start my kids here on these (if I find them in Asian stores) because they might like it too well. I only get to the Asian stores about twice a year. These items are not readily available where I live.
And of course, they are expensive here.

Oggi said...

Manang, you remind me of my sis-in-law who didn't want her kids discovering how great roasted chestnuts are.:D

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