January 26, 2010

Swedish Rye (Limpa): BBAC#37

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Swedish Rye Bread
Swedish Rye Bread
The Bread Baker's Apprentice Challenge #37: Swedish Rye (Limpa)

Wow, I love this bread. I was prepared for a disappointment but reading through the ingredients I knew this would be a yummier rye bread because of the spices and orange flavoring. These are the ground spices that made me fall for it: aniseed, fennel, and cardamom. These spices combined with dried orange peels*, brown sugar, and a small amount of molasses make this fragrant sweetish loaf so good just by itself, with butter, or with mild cheeses such as brie or young Gouda. The crumb and crust are soft with a bit of chew and the flavors complement each other, not one flavor is dominant.

I think I'm beginning to really love rye breads but will probably take a long time or maybe never to appreciate the 100% Sourdough Rye Bread (BBAC #32).

Swedish Rye Bread
extra yummie with brie

flavor 5
texture 5
visual appeal 5
ease of preparation 5
performance 5
worth 5
Total: 30
Average: 5

* I usually get dried orange peels [for Chinese-style meat stews] from the Asian grocery store. About a month or so ago I dried some orange peels from 4 large oranges by leaving them on the kitchen counter for 3 days. Then to make sure they are super crispy I put them in the very low heat dry setting of the toaster/convection oven for 20 minutes and stored them in an airtight jar. I pulverized the peels in a coffee grinder for the limpa.

Dried Orange Peels


SallyBR said...

WOW! You dried the orange peel yourself! I want to try it too...

your bread has a nice crumb texture, better than mine - I do have a problem with rye breads, judging when it's been kneaded enough.

great job!

Cindy said...

Oggi, your bread looks wonderful. The crumb is so open. Your scoring looks great and I'm quite impressed with your homemade dried peel.

Anne Marie said...

I keep looking at the ingredients and wondering how it will taste. I'm making the stollen this weekend and then this. I am looking forward to it after reading your post.
Anne Marie

Oggi said...

Sally, whole rye flour is not a very easy thing to handle. It sometimes gets slimy, if that's the correct term, when kneading by hand.

Cindy, thanks. I had a lot of orange rinds and didn't want to throw them away.

Anne Marie, I thought at first the spices were weird but then I love all three and the amount I think is just right.

Sidney said...

Look at that bread...even a professional baker can't do that !

Oggi said...

Sidney, thanks, you're too kind.:)

Anne Marie said...

Almost finished the bread, waiting for it to rise, which doesn't seem to be working. I wonder if I did something wrong, came back to your post to see how it worked. Yours looks book picture perfect.

Anne Marie

Oggi said...

Anne Marie, I was also beginning to get worried when the dough was not rising as scheduled but knowing my kitchen is always cold I decided to leave it in the oven with the light bulb on for about 20 minutes and it did grow faster. It also had a great oven spring.

Kelsey said...

Wow, drying your own orange peels; great idea! Did the orange peels still have the pith (white part) when you dried them?

Oggi said...

Kelsey, I used a potato peeler to remove the rinds of unpeeled oranges. The pith stays on the orange and you get just the thin rind layer. Air drying did a better job in retaining most of its color and essence than oven drying.

ap269 said...

Wonderful pictures! I must say, though, that I was disappointed with this bread. I couldn't stand the smell at all... :-(((

Oggi said...

AP, that's too bad. The spices may be too strong for you.

misterrios said...

Wonderful bread! The crumb looks delicious. Mine is rising right now and I hope it looks half as good as yours!

Oggi said...

Daniel, thanks.:)

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