October 6, 2009

Pain de Campagne: BBAC #22

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Pain de Campagne: Couronne

I had so much high hopes for The Bread Baker's Apprentice Challenge # 22: Pain de Campagne but wasn't too thrilled with the result. It is not as tasty as Pain a l'Ancienne. The tight crumb is soft-ish although chewy, which is good. The book doesn't have any photo of the crumb so I can't really tell if it is supposed to be open or tight. I don't really care because I won't be baking this bread anytime soon. The flavor is so-so and there's nothing to rave and write about it. I decided to substitute photos for a lengthy write-up instead.

The only thing I enjoyed the most in making this bread is the shaping. The couronne Bordelaise looks so pretty but the book does not have the instructions which I found here. It's really fun to make and you don't really need a lined banneton to be able to shape it. A 10-inch pie plate or skillet and a smooth kitchen towel will do the job.

Improvised Basket For Couronne
I improvised a couronne basket by taping a small plastic container in the middle of a wicker banneton with removable liner

Lined Proofing Basket
the lining was dusted with lots of flour before laying on top of basket and plastic container

Pain de Campagne

Pain de Campagne
proofed dough inverted on a piece of parchment and ready for baking

Pain de Campagne: Couronne
the bread up close

flavor 3
texture 3
visual appeal 4
ease of preparation 5
performance 3
worth 2
Total: 20
Average: 3.3


Mags @ the Other Side of 50 said...

I'm so impressed with your wreath! That is so gorgeous! It's a shame you were less than thrilled with the taste.

Cindy said...

Wow, that is one gorgeous bread. Too bad about the taste. Well, at least you learned a new skill in shaping.

Oggi said...

Mags, I think it's easier to shape than the epi. I should have used rye flour like you did, maybe the flavor would have been better.:)

Cindy, thanks. That is so true; I'll shape the upcoming sourdough breads using this method.:)

Janice said...

Totally and completely gorgeous! Hope mine turns out half as well.

Rosemary & Garlic said...

Oggi, the wreath is beautiful. Too bad you didn't like the taste.

Oggi said...

Janice and Anne Marie, thanks.:)

misterrios said...

I hadn't even thought about shaping this other than in the epi form that every one else is using. This one looks so pretty, I might have to go this route...

Oggi said...

MisterRios, I was going to make part of the dough into epi but the interesting photo of the crown in the book made me change my mind.:)

Anonymous said...

Oh, what an amazing wreath!!!! I wish I had made this one. I made the ├ępi (as everyone else did), and wasn't that happy with the result, even though it was fun trying out a new shape.

Oggi said...

AP, thanks. I enjoyed shaping this one.:)

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