August 20, 2009

The Bread Baker's Apprentice Challenge 14: French Bread

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French Bread


The Bread Baker's Apprentice Challenge 14: French Bread. This is the first BBA bread I baked a few years back. The recipe is not perfect by all means because the loaves it makes do not have the much preferred and coveted open crumb. But I come back to this recipe often because I love that it is flavorful, preparation is super easy and uncomplicated, and sometimes I want a more tender tighter crumb usually to make into French Toast. In my opinion this recipe not only makes the best French Toast but the best croutons and garlic bread as well. In other words I love this bread, tight crumb and all.

I could have baked a more open crumbed French bread by altering the method, for example, applying the French fold instead of kneading, or any other methods available online or in baking books. But that would mean NOT following the recipe as written which IMHO would defeat the purpose of this challenge.

French Bread

French Bread
the loaf may not have a more open crumb

but it makes the yummiest French Toast

flavor 5
texture 4
visual appeal 5
ease of preparation 5
performance 5
worth 5
Total: 29
Average: 4.86

For comparison this is PR's no-knead stretch-and-fold slack dough French bread recipe which makes delicious baguettes that have a more open crumb and thin crispy crust. The recipe requires half the time and effort as the BBA's. The recipe will be in his upcoming book Artisan Breads Everyday to be released end of October 2009.

No-Knead French Baguette


Kelly said...

Wow - what a dramatic difference. I love that you showed both results. Your BBA French bread looks very tasty, tighter crumb and all and as French toast? Fantastic. I'd love a piece (or four) right now!

Beautiful breads!

Oggi said...

Kelly, thanks.:)

misterrios said...

Your French Bread looks awesome, tight crumb and all. I love the look of the French Bread loaf too. I did something similar on my second try. Would not mind a piece of that French Toast either!

Oggi said...

MisterRios, thanks. I love the French Toast swimming in maple syrup.:)

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