August 7, 2009

The Bread Baker's Apprentice Challenge 13: Focaccia

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I was eager to bake Focaccia, 13th recipe in The Bread Baker's Apprentice Challenge but I was sort of disappointed after slicing the bread. Although very yummy and the crust crispy, I find the crumb, which has irregular large and medium air pockets, oddly soft and airy. I prefer very chewy focaccia and the crumb of this focaccia definitely is not, at least to me it isn't.

I don't know where I did wrong because I followed the recipe (using bread flour) accordingly, did not change any of the ingredients or procedure except I baked them pizza-style in round pans. I used 8 ounces of dough in 8-inch pans and 10 ounces in 9-inch pans and they baked to the perfect thickness of 1½ inches. On a positive note, I love the herbed oil and will use it again with different herb combination but I don't think I'll follow this dough recipe next time I make focaccia.

Here is a better recipe, also from Peter Reinhart.


topped with cherry tomatoes (from my garden), caramelized Vidalia onions, and sea salt

I will slice this one horizontally to make into a gigantic sandwich

flavor 4
texture 2
visual appeal 5
ease of preparation 5
performance 4
worth 1
Total: 21
Average: 3.5


caninecologne said...

the focaccia looks great with the cherry tomatoes and onions. our backyard side garden is teeming with tomatoes from our "refuse" garden. the tomato plants grew from our food scraps, such as potatoes, kulitis, cherry and grape tomatoes and squash. it was fun to see what would pop up this summer

Cindy said...

Your foccacia is a work of art. How wonderful to have tomatoes from your own garden. I'm disappointed to hear that the texture is not chewy. I was so hoping for a good chew. I will be making it this week.

Mustang Terri said...

I'm sorry that you didn't like the taste of the Focaccia. You bread looked very pretty.

Mustang Terri said...

I just remade this bread using the biga method. You might try that version since you desire a chewier version. Just a tip.

Oggi said...

R, I love that, "refuse" garden. It reminds me of my mother who has the greenest thumb. Everything she puts in soil grows.:D

Cindy, thanks. I hope your focaccia comes out better. I think the excessive amount of olive oil in the dough itself makes it soft, just my honest opinion.:)

Mustang Terri, thanks. The other recipe I have (also PR's) is a rustic bread formula. I made it twice already and got really good chew. I'll try the one with biga too.
BTW, did you set your blog to team members only? I tried to visit but wasn't able to.:(

misterrios said...

Oh my! Your Foccacia is simply delicious. I didn't even think of putting fresh ingredients on mine, but after seeing quite a few of them, your pics are the tipping point for me trying this one again. Of course, maybe not in the near future because of all that oil!

Oggi said...

MisterRios, I think cutting the amount of oil in half would be better.:)

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