April 5, 2009

Lasang Pinoy Sundays: MELTed Bliss

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Croque Madame and Croque Monsieur

One of the simplest but satisfying treats is grilled cheese sandwich. All you need are 2 slices of bread, a little butter, plenty of cheese, and a hot skillet to cook the sandwich until the cheese has melted. The French version is the Croque Monsieur with added ham in the filling, the Croque Madame has a fried egg on top. This is a rather heavy and filling sandwich, perfect for brunch or lunch.

Lasang Pinoy Sundays, hosted by SpiCes, is a weekly gallery of food photography. Melted Bliss is this week's theme.

Croque Madame: brioche slices smeared with Dijon mustard, filled with sliced Black Forest ham, sliced Swiss cheese, then topped with grated Swiss and Parmesan cheese, and a fried egg


Gmirage said...

A really yummy treat just looking at your photos Oggi! Is that manga na may bagoong on your header??? waaah nakakapangasim...


striking fotos! white makes the fotos clean and beautiful; kitang kita ang colors ng grilled cheese sandwich.

Jescel said...

i'd gladly have one of these sandwiches for lunch. love them!

hope you check out my entry too.

Zriz said...

Say no more! Melted cheese is the way to go! Yummy! I'll have the Croque-Madame please! I love egg...especially if the yolk is runny!

agent112778 said...

yummy lahat :D

tara lest eat

and i love your header, me too can resist green mangoes :D

Sidney said...

Hehehehe...even I can do that :-)

ces said...

first i can't get pass that mango and bagoong header! and then i got stuck in the ensaymada! drooling!

Lory said...

I love this kind of egg, cheese and ham sandwich! Very filling, and I like when the egg yolk is runny!

Oggi said...

G, thanks. Those are teeny baby green mango, very crunchy and maasim, yummy.:)

MushroomsfromHome, thanks. I love using white as much as possible.

Jescel, I love it specially with the brioche.

Zriz, runny egg is the only way to enjoy fried egg.:D

Jay, melted cheese is always good.

Sidney, yes! Something that you can make yourself.:D

Ces, I'm glad they're drool-worthy.:)

Manang, it's simple but very yummy.

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