September 4, 2008

6 Quirky Things I Do

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I got tagged by Ning and Ruy to make a list of 6 quirky things I do. Thank you both.:-)

Here is my not-so-quirky list:
1. can't stand being sockless and wear them all year round (at home only)
2. don't use wet/damp tableware and drinking glasses, must always wipe them dry before using (a friend was puzzled about the drinking glass)
3. love fresh strawberries with flaked sea salt
4. iron all my clothes including those for doing yard work or gardening
5. wash/scrub fruits and vegetables with soap and water, rinse with tap water, then rinse twice with filtered water, then dry thoroughly with paper towels before peeling or slicing
6. load dishwasher according to pattern and color of dishes and rearrange them to my liking (need a hobby or get a life)

I'm not tagging anyone but feel free and have fun playing the game.


TS of eatingclub vancouver said...

My brother also ALWAYS wears socks at home. =)

OMG!!!! The... how to say... um... "particular-ness" of you! ;P

Chibog in Chief said...

heheheh your "quirky-ness" put a smile on my face hehehe

 gmirage said... daughter is like you, she always wear socks and we would fight over it everyday!!!

washing with soap? =D I remember a friend who has a helper na linis din fish with soap :D

I'm like you with #6 =D

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha, aren't all of us OC in a lot of ways? :) Thanks for sharing!

Ruy said...

Thanks for playing. Nice trivia about you Oggi.=) Can't say I'm shocked though, your cooking has sort of given me an idea how particular you are with details (which I totally find amazing).

Oggi said...

TS, I'm glad I'm not alone re socks.. Steven Spielberg also wears socks all the time *gasp* with sandals *double gasp* in public!:D

Dhanggit, am I weird or what?:)

Gizelle, heheh your daughter too?
Oh I have a friend who would clean rice with soap and water if not for her family's intervention, hahaha.
I think a lot of people arrange their dishwasher like we do. The hubby reminded me I also rearrange the dish and glass cabinet all the time, and most other stuff too. I thought nobody notices but apparently they do.:D

Ning and Ruy, yes more like OC than quirks. Thanks again for the tag. I wanted to tag other bloggers but I got too busy "politicking", actually reading way too much political blogs (it's election season).:D

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