April 11, 2008

A Personality Test

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I got tagged by gizelle for a personality test and here is the result:

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ENTP - The "Originator"

ENTPs are logical, innovative, curious and downright inventive. They see possibilities for improvement everywhere and possess the ability to understand complex concepts. ENTPs are introspective and carefree nonconformists. They often neglect the more common areas of life while pursuing new solutions. ENTPs can be good conversationalists and exciting company.

ENTPs are idea people. Their perceptive abilities cause them to see possibilities everywhere. They get excited and enthusiatic about their ideas, and are able to spread their enthusiasm to others. In this way, they get the support they need to fulfill their visions.

The full description: Portrait of an ENTP

I don't know if I agree with the result completely and not sure if it is accurate although I am quite thrilled to be in the company of Nikola Tesla, Julia Child, and Alfred Hitchcock. I answered the questions as close to my preferrences as possible. In a few of the questions I was somewhat conflicted and took a little bit longer to pick my choice because I sort of felt strongly for both answers. I can't describe it clearly but if you get to answer the questions you'll know what I mean.

I'm tagging the following for this test (if they feel like doing it): Raissa, Ruy, Marvin, Christine, and Dhanggit.

Click here to take the test.

Update: April 14, 2008

I took the Multiple Intelligences test after reading Christine's and here is the result:

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I'm an average writer and speaker but I love reading (I consider my books my most cherished possessions) and I enjoy doing crossword puzzles which might explain the high verbal/linguistic category, and of course I love listening to my music. I also used to dabble in painting (not very good at it) and while I'm not great in photography it is one of my favorite hobbies which includes gardening.


 gmirage said...

Wow, Tesla! That description "They see possibilities for improvement everywhere and possess the ability to understand complex concepts" is very appropriate with your blog name...naturally you! See, idea people, galing!

Btw, I like that header, I took photos of tulips today and got some like that, I'll post them on Sunday, thanks for doing the tag! (Originator) not only with your yummy recipes...im sure there's lots more. ;-) Happy weekend!

Oggi said...

gizelle thanks.

I have been busy taking photos of my tiny tiny yard and the very sparse flowers on it. I wanted to visit large flower gardens but the weather was not so cooperative. Almost all the spring flowers are gone, sayang.

christine said...

"innovative, curious and downright inventive" - yes, from what I've seen and know about you so far, that seems spot on. :)

I took the tests and posted the results. Thanks for the tag!

raissa said...

I did the test! Thanks for the tag! Its pretty much spot on LOL

Oggi said...

Christine and Raissa, thanks for doing the test.:)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tag, oggi. I'll take a look at the test.

Oggi said...

Marvin, no hurry.

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