January 28, 2008

7 Things Weird About Me

This is a 'weird' meme that I got from Dhanggit. I was not sure if there are enough weird things about me because I view myself as rather blah and dorkish. I have an obsessive personality, yes, but that's about it. Examining myself closely I found out I am kinda weird after all, or maybe not.
  1. I have a medicine phobia, particularly for aches and pains and for the last 21 years have not taken any. I seldom get headaches but when I do I refuse to take them and just wait for bedtime to sleep it off. The mild headache usually disappears by the next morning.
  2. I like quirky, foreign language, and slasher movies specially the Japanese ones; the bloodier, the better. I can't stand sappy love stories and girlie flicks.
  3. I love doing assorted crossword puzzles, play Nintendo DS (favorites: Animal Crossing, Phoenix Wright Series) and Wii games. This may be an indication that I'm approaching my second childhood, not actually weird, but because of my age it may be weird.:)
  4. I am addicted to two things: reading and watching movies. I don't know if this is considered weird but I read an average of 3 books and watch 3 movies on DVD per week. The books I read are mostly fantasies, fantastical, mysteries with real life people in it, already dead or still alive, British mysteries, paranormal. I particularly dislike self-help books and romance novels.
  5. I have an obsessive compulsive personality with regard to washing hands most specially when cooking. A Filipino couple who came for dinner observed that I constantly wash my hands in between chopping/preparing the ingredients, they actually counted the times I washed my hands. I thought this is the norm but they told me it is not.
  6. My clothes have the same color/shade (brown skirt/pants and off white, blue, light pink, or purplish tops for winter) and linen material with similar color combination during summer. When I was still working at the Asian Development Bank (25 years ago) a co-worker commented and asked why I wear linen everyday.
  7. I have an aversion to diamonds. The reason is a long story and I will not bore you with the details. Let's just say I don't want to look like a Christmas tree, heheh. The few tiny ones I own have been buried in a drawer for the past 18 years. Occasionally I would wear my mikimoto choker at weddings and anniversaries but for everyday I use the jewelry (natural stones, leather, crystals, rice pearls, etc.) that I make myself.
I'm also not tagging anyone but feel free to examine yourself and do this weird meme. You might surprise yourself.


raissa said...

I wash my hands a lot too when I am cooking. I have a kitchen towel over one shoulder all the time.

Anonymous said...

i too wash my hands incessantly when I'm cooking. My hands are so dried and chapped. And on top of all that, I go through rolls of paper towels faster than is normal because of all the hand washing.

Sidney said...

You are definitely weird! ;-)
Just kidding. Nothing serious... ;-)

Oggi said...

Raissa and Marvin it's good to know I am not alone. We are the normal ones!:D

Sidney I'm glad I;m not as weird as other people who alphabetize their pantry goods.:)

Ruy said...

Hey Oggi! I used to be soooo crazy over fantasies too... I love Forgotten Realms (specially Elaine Cunningham's), David Eddings , etc.. I also love Star Wars (specially Timothy Zahn's).=)

Chibog in Chief said...

glad you had fun doing this meme :-) you know i think we will jibe well in person..like you i love movies and books, im not a normal diamond lover person i dont even have any jewelry..but on the linen thing hahaha ok i think you are really weird :-) just kidding, like you hate romantic movies, i prefer bloody movies too :-)

Oggi said...

Ruy let's form a club then, but you say used to?

Dhanggit yay, we like the same gory stuff and other things!:)

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