October 15, 2007

Pink Hot Dogs

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Have you ever had these Swift brand bright pink almost red hot dogs from the Philippines? I spotted these in the Phil Asia grocery and had to get them. The hot dogs here in the USA pale (no pun intended) in comparison not just in color but also in flavor. These mini hot dogs are super delicious, smooth, meaty, tender, juicy, and most important not as salty as the US hot dogs. The only brand I buy is Nathan's but lately they have become saltier and saltier, sometimes I can't eat them at all. There are some bright red hot dogs in our groceries but they look nasty unlike these cute but yummy Swift babies. Of course, because we are Filipinos, we ate the pink hot dogs for dinner with garlic fried rice and omelet.:D

We also love hot dogs filled with crushed pineapple mixed with yellow mustard, topped with partially fried bacon then baked in the oven until bacon is crisp. This hot dog dish is my version of my mother-in-law's which uses whole strips of bacon wrapped around each hot dog. I cut the bacon in half, fry them to remove some of the fat, then lay each half on top of the hot dogs. They're not as pretty as my M-I-L's hot dogs but they are just as yummy.

hot dogs, yum...plus bacon, double yum


Anonymous said...

i have an empty hot dog bun here:)

Oggi said...

docchef, dinner is ready then.:D

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