September 17, 2007

Via Mare Recipes On DVD

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I just viewed a Filipino cooking for entertaining dvd, the food prepared by a pretty Filipino actress (Carmina Villaroel). All the recipes come from the restaurant Via Mare owned by Glenda Barretto who appeared at the end of the show for a brief period.The DVD is called Celebrate Special Occasions with the Best Recipes of Via Mare which I borrowed from Netflix.

The recipes that made me drool:

  • Stuffed Queso de Bola
  • Pork Pineapple Hamonado - I will make this first and will post it soon.
  • Pastel de Lengua
  • Stuffed Roast Turkey - The meaty stuffing looks so goood, I kid you not.;D
  • Cassava Bibingka - I am not sure if I will find the same Filipino style cassava flour here in the US but will try to substitute frozen.
Other recipes:
Cuchinillo with Paella Stuffing
Lapu-lapu With Mayonnaise
Pears Poached in Red Wine
Strawberry Fizz
Kiwi Fizz
Tsokolate Eh
Salabat Tea

Although the whole cooking show is in Taglish, the recipes and procedures are shown in separate boxes in English. I highly recommend this dvd to meat loving Filipinos.


Anonymous said...

Wow, great find oggi! I will definitely check this DVD out, even though my tagalog is terrible.

Oggi said...

You can practice your tagalog while learning how to stuff a baby pig.:)

Sidney said...

Sounds great but I try to limit my meat intake those days.

Oggi said...

Sidney, I also try to avoid meat as often as I could and prepare vegetarian dishes at least once or twice a week.
My vegetarian sis-in-law will cringe when she reads the meat-stuffed turkey dish.:=)

Anonymous said...

Hi! I just checked the 'this store' link but it said that the site is under construction. I am very much interested to know where I could purchase a copy of the DVD. Thank you. My fiance just loves the lapu lapu caprice...just mentioning. I love the oysters rockefeller! Who doesn't?!

Oggi said...

Anon, sorry but I don't know of any other store that sells the DVD.:(

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