July 6, 2007


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I love figs and this is the third time I'm writing about them. My favorite is the Italian honey, which I was told earlier today by a produce employee at Wegmans, are the calimyrna variety. I don't think they are one and the same, but they do look alike. However, they are are not yet available this week, they will be in stores in late July or early August. The ones pictured here are the California mission figs. They are also good by themselves when fully ripe or well-chilled and drizzled with honey. I candied a few pieces, it takes 3 days including drying time, and they are fantastic! I do believe this is the fruit Eve defied God for, they're worth it.;D

perfect with the best honey

candied figs


Anonymous said...

I love figs... with blue cheese

I love figs... in pancakes...

I love figs... in honey...

I love figs, period. :)

Oggi said...

fruityoaty, welcome to the fig lovers' club!:D

christine said...

Oohh you make me green with envy! We don't get fresh figs here, just the dried or bottled kind, or in newtons hehe, and you know that's not the same. In a "if you build it, they will come" kind of delusion, I even bought the Fig Heaven cookbook. sigh..

Those look so wonderful!

Oggi said...

christine, maybe you can plant a tree in a pot or in the ground protected from too much heat with a cold/hot frame. It is a tropical tree and might prosper there.

I MUST check out that Fig Heaven cookbook!

Gitta said...

Psst! The figs on our "tree" look ripe for the picking!

Also, I love these photos. :)

Oggi said...

Three little figs! Or figlets:O

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