February 1, 2007

A Really Large Pizza


I got lazy today and bought ready to bake frozen square pizza and did not notice it was huge. Only when I loaded the box into the car trunk did I realize its BIG size! It's almost as deep as my oven. This is a meat lover's pizza with lots and lots of bacon which overwhelmed everything else. See, I love bacon but this is much too much. (I think I still smell of bacon). About 3 inches of the pizza is hanging out of the largest baking sheet I could find in my kitchen. Why oh why did I buy this?:D


Husband said...

I got a real kick out of this. While I've not done the same with pizza, I have done that with other things. I just downsized cars after having an SUV for years. And I still on occasions forget the whole size issue until I get to my car and think... "Where am I going to put this now?" You made me laugh. Thanks!

Oggi said...

Yeah, these things happen once in a while. :D

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