January 13, 2007


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I have been craving this Southern Philippines snack/sweet but couldn't find a recipe for the syrup. It is thinly sliced saba banana crisply fried and dipped in brown sugar syrup and encased in a piece of white paper cone. You eat the slices one at a time, sometimes struggling to separate the slices and when you are almost at the bottom, you end up eating a portion of the paper because it is super sticky and you don't want to waste good bananas and sugar coating :D

I used semi ripe Thai bananas which somewhat resemble the saba variety although smaller, at 3 x 1 inches, and the taste is not as good. For the paper I used the edible potato wafers for wrapping turrones. The paper is incredibly perfect with the brown sugar syrup. Maybe I'll just brush the wafers with syrup and eat that, heheh, mmm potato and sugar.
The syrup hardened which is not how I remember the pinasugbo. I have to adjust something in the cooking process which is frying and dipping, how complicated could it be? If somebody knows, please, please let me know.


Master_Procrastinator said...

Hmm. My best bet is to caramelize the sugar with a few bits of lemon juice. Then dip the thinly sliced chips before they harden. But yours looks very good though. Dont forget the sesame seeds on top!

Oggi said...

Thank you. I'll try it right away.:)

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