October 5, 2006

Thai Chicken Masaman Curry

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I never liked Indian food, I find it too strong that even the desserts seem to taste of curry. I went to an Indian restaurant once in Manila and almost barfed. The spices and the smell were overwhelming and I never stepped in another Indian restaurant again. However, here in the US, I went to a Pakistani fast food of sorts like a turo turo (point point) and surprisingly loved the food. It has Indian taste but somehow different or maybe my palate was already changing then and I started liking Indian and Pakistani cuisine. I even bought garam as well as chana masala to add to vegetarian chickpeas stew and regularly make it now. But the one I really love is the Thai masaman curry with coconut milk. It has Indian influence but distinctly Thai, it is much more to my liking. I made chicken with yukon gold potatoes and added egg halves to the finished dish and it is fantastic. I used the ready made canned masaman curry soup, added boneless skinless fat trimmed chicken thighs, simmered for 40 minutes then added the potaoes and simmered for another 20 minutes. It can easily be made full vegetarian by substituting seitan and fried tofu for the chicken. My daughter suggested to use this masaman curry with the chickpeas stew. I ate so much I feel like my tummy is bursting. Now I need some Lindt dark chocolate truffles for dessert. Mmmm.


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