October 16, 2015

Pastillas De Leche

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Pastillas De Leche

Pastillas de leche literally means milk bars, pills, or tablets. I'd go with the bars, as in chocolate bars They are teeny tiny, usually less than 1 inch long and ½ inch thick, made with fresh milk, sugar, a little butter, and powdered milk, and optional natural fruit flavoring such as purple yam (ube) and jackfruit. The original candies were made with carabao's (water buffalo) milk which has a higher fat content than cow's milk. I made it a few times before. This time I ended up making 3 batches because the first was a complete fail although I rescued it and made it into milk caramel spread. The second one is plain milk and I added Milo malt drink powder into the third batch.

Philippine Pastillas De Leche (Soft Milk Bars)
makes about 20 candies

Pastillas De Leche
plain milk and with Milo malted milk pastillas de leche

2 cups fresh whole milk (do not use reduced fat milk)
1½ tablespoons sugar
1½ teaspoons butter
3 - 4 tablespoons whole milk powder
2 tablespoons sugar for rolling
  • Boil milk and 1½ tablespoons sugar over medium low heat to a paste, stirring constantly with a rubber spatula. (This takes about 45 minutes.)
  • Remove from heat and add butter. Stir well; sprinkle milk powder and blend well. Let cool slightly, transfer onto a work surface and knead a few times until smooth.
  • Divide in half and roll each half into a ½-inch thick rope. Cut into 10 pieces. Roll in sugar and wrap each candy in tissue paper.
The first batch developed a caramel color and curdled, probably because I used a small thin-bottomed saucepan. I didn't throw it away because it tastes so good. I like that it has very little sugar, much better than the super sweet condensed milk caramel (dulce de leche). I used a hand blender to make the spread very smooth. Perfect topped on breakfast toast.
Milk CarameL Spread


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