January 23, 2010

Lasang Pinoy Sundays: Chocolate

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Champorado Yin Yang
champorado with dark and white chocolate

Champorado, a Filipino breakfast food, is a sweet chocolate sticky rice porridge. The rice is boiled in water with cocoa powder and sugar, then served with milk just like cereals. After a day in the refrigerator the leftover champorado becomes thick and pudding-like but still very yummy.

The photo is ancient, taken in 2006. I chose this photo from my "chocolate" archives because it's perfect for this edition of LaPis: Chocolate. I made 2 separate champorado, one with dark and another with white chocolate, and served them both in one bowl. There is no need to add milk to enjoy this all-time Filipino favorite and you get to savor two kinds of chocolate all at once in one spoonful.

Lasa a gallery of food photography, Filipino style, is hosted by SpiCes and FeistyCook.


Gmirage said...

Hi oggi! How've you been? That looks really nice! Would love to have it with tuyo hehe. Hope you're doing great...namiss ko mga posts mo!

ces said...

oh wow that is one very creative version of the champorado! now i want to know how it tastes like!

oggi said...

G, I'm good, still cooking and baking.:)

Ces, I got the idea from a restaurant in the Philippines. It's very yummy.:)

Juliana said...

Oggi, this looks delicious...yummie, dark and white chocolate :-)

oggi said...

Juliana, yep, chocolate plus more chocolate means yum:)

JMom said...

We had this yesterday as we were snowed in! Kulang nga lang ng tuyo :)

Doing my LaPiS hop...

oggi said...

JMom, we only had 4 inches this time.:)

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