July 10, 2008

Lobo: A New Addiction

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I blame Raissa for introducing me to this highly addictive (at least for me) TV series about werewolves (lobo) and a group of military-trained people and scientists determined to exterminate them. The series is shown in the Philippines and in the DirectTV Filipino channel as a daily 30-minute episode which began in January of this year. To date there are 116 episodes and the teleserye (TV series) will have its finale this month, and in my rough calculation there will be a total of 128 episodes on 16 DVDs, that's 8 episodes per DVD. I bought the first 16 episodes on DVD vols. 1 and 2, vols. 3 and 4 arrived yesterday, yay! another 16 hours of viewing. 96 hours more to go, oh boy.:D

When we were in the Philippines I barely watched local TV except for sitcoms and late night talk/variety shows, nothing during the day because I was at work. But I love werewolves movies no matter how cheesy they are, one is the awesomely cheesy 70s British movie THE BEAST MUST DIE. Another of my favorite werewolves movies is DOG SOLDIERS which is rather gory and of course a bit cheesy which is why I like it.

LOBO is part action, part comedy, part drama, part romance, well a little too much romance IMHO, but it's okay. My favorite scene: when the 2 main characters were still kids, they each have a necklace broken in half that when they connect together the girl utters "magic embrace!", I laugh my head off, my daughter and I have endless fun saying it to each other. So cheesy yet so lovable, my kind of TV show. Favorite expression: claro? (is that clear?). Just like Raissa I'm hopelessly addicted*sigh*.:D

For the synopsis and episodes click here.


raissa said...

OMG! I am so glad that you are now addicted! The last episode of Lobo is tomorrow =( and the creator who is only 25 years old started posting at this forum called Pinoy Exchange.


I have to warm you though because we discuss the show so you might get spoiled for the upcoming episodes. What I love about this drama is the fact that it doesnt insult its viewers intelligence. Its not perfect but they make up for it.

Oh can I share this post there so that the creative knows that they have another fan. The creator have been so nice to the Wolfies (the fans of Lobo from WOLF (World of Lobo Fanatics). The entire crew welcomed them at the tapings and they even got invited to the farewell party.

I am so glad you liked it.

Marvin said...

Wow, my cousins in the Philippines were completely addicted to this show! They'd be terribly upset if they missed just one episode.

Also, when I was in the Philippines, I noticed there were a lot of Korean shows there that were dubbed in Tagalog. I thought that was strange, but they seem to be very popular.

raissa said...

Marvin - its really a good series and it just ended today. =( I would be upset too when I would miss an episiode LOL. It really is one of the best shows I have watched thus far.

There really was a surge of Korean dramas there actually everywhere even here in L.A. First it was the Mexican telenovelas then the Chinese -chinovelas nows its the koreanovelas and also jdoramas. Korean dramas are really good, a lot of cliche and predictability but the amazing cinematography and execution makes up for it.

oggi said...

Raissa and Marvin, I am truly addicted.
I promised I will pace myself in watching vols 3 and 4 because I watched the first 2 almost non-stop, 4 hours each day. But just like Britney, oops, I did it again, I watched vol 3 almost non-stop with just a 30 minute break to eat dinner. Almost got dizzy but hey, the rival "dark" werewolves started coming out and I was totally fascinated. Their depiction is almost parallel to the rival werewolves in the book I recently reviewed SHARP TEETH. I can't wait for the new volumes to come out on DVD.:D

In Hong Kong I used to watch those Chinese half year-long action/drama/comedy/romance period serials without any subtitles and loved them despite understanding only parts of what was happening.:D

oggi said...

Raissa, oops I forgot to thank you for introducing me to this excellent Filipino TV show. Thanks!:)

raissa said...

You are very welcome Oggi. I am more than glad to share the love =) Wow,watching it non-stop, thats hardcore! LOL But I am really glad that you are enjoying it.

I am stalling watching the last episode online because it means a finality that it really ended already *sigh*

I watched some Korean dramas with no subtitles too. But with the influx of those nowadays with subs, its great. I placed my korean dramas aside for LOBO.

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