March 18, 2008


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Filipino Coffee Beans
sagada, benguet, and barako coffee beans from Baguio

I love getting pasalubong from the Philippines, who doesn't? It's exciting to open the box to find what goodies are inside. I received one such box from Texas today, many many thanks to my good friends Yoly and Joe L for the pasalubong they got for me on their recent trip to the Philippines. XOXOXO!

a cup of dark roast sagada which I believe is arabica

Caycay Cookies
Caycay Cookies
caycay - a yummy candy from Bohol
peanuty candies that resemble Butterfinger but better because they're less sweet

Puto Bumbong Steamer
Puto Bumbong Steamer
puto bumbong steamer made of tin or maybe steel

Pasalubong Part 2 (from hubby) tomorrow...

Yoly asked me to rate the coffee beans. I will have a taste test and compare them with my regular coffee beans and will post the result sometime this week.


christine said...

Ohh nice pasalubongs!! I love receiving and giving them. :) The Benguet coffee is one of my most faves! I order the one they call the 50-50 blend of Benguet Arabica.

BTW, I watched Across the Universe finally and wanted to share with you how much I loved it!! What a beautiful film, I was always big Beatles fan so I sang along with most of the songs. I loved all those psychedic scenes and Bono! I swear, I must have been a flower child in a past life. :) Thanks for the reco!

Marvin said...

That steamer has to be the coolest thing ever! I can't wait to see the puto you'll make with it.

raissa said...

I love getting pasalubong too =)

Oh I love caycay. I will ask my mom to send me some.

wow now thats authentic puto bumbong steamer, no need to wait for Christmas =)

JMom said...

wow, what great friends you have :) I would love to have some of that cape barako right now.

oggi said...

christine, I am now reading more on the different coffee beans in the Phlippines including alamid, very interesting.
I'm glad you loved Across too!:)

marvin, the steamer is awesome! I'm going to make puto bumbong soon, Christmas in spring!:)

raissa, we had caycay candies, (or are they cookies?) in Manila but remember them shaped like kisses. BTW, what does caycay mean?
I can't wait to use the steamer!:)

jmom, my friends and I exchange boxes often, fill them with random stuff.:)
I can't remember the last time I had barako, I'm so happy she sent me some.

paoix said...

the coffee looks awesome! is baguio a big coffee producer in the philippines?

the puto bumbog steamer looks like a spaceship to a full stomach!

raissa said...

Oggi - LOL I am not sure what it means either. I think they are cookies.

oggi said...

paoix, the coffee beans are very good and comparable to the Italian brands. I am not sure if Baguio is a big coffee producer but I remember the coffee beans in large containers being sold in the open market. They should produce more and export them.

raissa, I was not sure at first if they are candies, they look and taste more like cookies but the last bits left in my mouth feel like nougat, ang sarap!:)

christine said...

Alamid coffee is very flavorful, it's one of the few I can drink without any sugar or cream. BTW, I meant to say "psychedelic" not "psychedic" hehe. Can't wait to see the puto bumbong making process here. :) Hope you had a wonderful easter!

gizelle said...

wow sweet naman ng h! =D He even took a puto bumbong steamer!

LAURA said...


I have been making puto bumbong but since we don't have that cool "bumbongan" that you have, I've always cooked it in boiling water (like Palitaw) then dunk in cold/iced water, strained & rolled in freshly grated coconut...yummy.

I always love reading your blogs. It never fails to inspire me to make the dishes that you do...just love it!

oggi said...

gizelle, the steamer is from my friends, the H wouldn't know where to buy it if I had asked him to get me one. I asked him to buy me an ordinary bayong and he bought a very pretty buri handbag instead, he didn't know where to buy a bayong!:)

Laura, that's a creative way to make puto bumbong!
Thanks and I'm glad you love the dishes.:)

oggi said...

Christine, I read that alamid pala are the beans from "civet droppings" like the Indonesian coffee which are considered the most expensive coffee beans in the world! I'm dying to try it.:)

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