November 20, 2013

Carne de Ternera en Adobo

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One of the recipes in the Filipino cookbook THE ADOBO BOOK is written in Spanish, there is no English nor Tagalog translation. The recipe was shared by the late Señor Adi Got who said "This is a Basque recipe from the land of San Sebastian, where the males double as cooks and pelotaris."  From the author's notes:
This family was one of several prestigious families who were members of the Tabacalera estate that established a Spanish community in chosen regions in the Philippines. 
This was a personal recipe of the late foodie Señor Adi Got. He refused to translate it from Spanish insisting that part of the flavor of the dish was in the language. In some way, it connected the Filipino adobo to the Spanish counterpart...interfaced culinary origins...sort of...
With the help of the hubby who reads and writes a passable Spanish [although not so good with cooking terms and some ingredients] and internet translator sites, I was able to cook the adobo dish. It's utterly delicious. I'm abiding by Señor Got's sentiments so here's the recipe in its entirety in Spanish.

Carne de Ternera en Adobo
Para 4 - 6 personas
1 kilo carne de ternera cortados en trozos medianos
¾ taza vinagre de vino
¾ taza salsa de soya ligera
2 hojas de laurel
3 pimientos morrones
2 cabezas de ajo picado
3 laminas finas de gingembre
1 taza vino tinto de Rioja joven
  • Una vez preparada los ingredientes me deja reposar durante 12 horas o una noche para que se puede marinar. 
  • Se separa la salsa y se pone al horno los condimentos durante un tiempo de ½ hora o cuando la carne esta blanda. 
  • Se anade la salsa marinada y se vulve al horno durante 16 minutos para que reduzca la salsa y se haga la carne. 
  • Se le acompaña a la mesa con un arroz fino salteado con cebolla y mantequilla. 
  • Despues de todo esto. Uno se sienta en la mesa y a comer. "Que aprovedre."


Kim, USA said...

Wow so now I know adobo is from our Spanish heritage it does look good with rice!


Oggi said...

Yes adobo is from the Spanish. :)

maiylah said...

oh my... my Spanish is quite rustic na! (had to take up spanish 1-4 while in college! lol). still, am bookmarking this! :P

thanks so much for sharing and linking over at Food Friday, Ms. Oggi

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