October 10, 2013

Cherry Tomato Confit

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Had I known earlier that confit of cherry tomatoes is so good, I would have made it and often. The tomato confit is slightly sweet and has intense tomato flavor with a hint of garlic and herbs. I just love it on top of slices of freshly baked crusty bread or pasta.

I found a recipe for Italian clam soup with added tomatoes but instead of making soup I topped a few steamed clams with the cherry tomato confit and had them for lunch with a few slices of bread smeared with the oil and garlic from the confit. What a wonderful delicious lunch I had.

Cherry Tomato Confit
2 pounds assorted cherry and grape tomatoes
¼ cup extra virgin olive oil
3 skin-on garlic cloves
1 sprig fresh thyme
1 sprig fresh basil
1 sprig Italian parsley
1 teaspoon sea salt
½ teaspoon sugar
  • Boil 5 cups of water; add tomatoes and leave for 1 minute until the skin breaks. Remove and peel tomatoes. Leave whole or slice in half.
  • Place 2 tablespoons olive oil in a medium baking pan or skillet, place tomatoes in one layer; add garlic cloves and herbs. Drizzle the remaining olive oil all over. Sprinkle with salt and sugar. 
  • Bake in a preheated 250°F oven for 2½ hours. 
  • Transfer into a sterilized jar and spoon all the olive oil remaining in the pan into the jar. 
  • Discard herbs. Use the garlic for toast or discard, if preferred.   

I prefer to roast garlic whole and unpeeled rather than slicing them for a less harsh garlic flavor. I sometimes mash it and incorporate into the sauce after cooking.

steamed clams topped with cherry tomato confit


Winnie said...

This is very interesting!!
Cooking is not my best side, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to like this
I really like to try this recipe

maiylah said...

oooh, i love your lunch! would love to try this ... need to find those fresh herbs first, though.

appreciate much your taking the time to share and link over at Food Friday, Ms. Oggi

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