June 27, 2013

Tort Wafer

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I saw on Amazon.com large wafer sheets from Croatia called tort wafers for making a layer cake called oblatne or oblaten. I'm always game to try new recipes specially sweet ones so I got 2 packages of 5 sheets each.

I meant to make the oblatne cake first but got crazy and made a copycat green tea "Kit Kat" with one sheet which I cut into 4 equal pieces. I have read about Japanese Kit Kat years ago and been waiting for them to become available here in the US. Amazon started selling but it takes 2 to 3 weeks to arrive because they will come from Japan by way of Singapore or Thailand, and the price for a 4 ounce package is just ridiculously high. I can live without it because I can sure make a copycat.

For the filling I just combined butter, powdered sugar, and matcha and dipped the pieces in melted white chocolate mixed with matcha. It was okay but waaay too sweet and I piled it on too thick. Serious mistake. Next time for filling I'll just mix matcha with melted milk chocolate and brush it on the layers.

I made the filling too thick, my teeth hurt from all the sugar


maiylah said...

looks tempting, though. even if it was too sweet. i tried the green tea kitkat a while back. it was ok, but my sons wouldn't want to have any of it! lol.

appreciate much your sharing and linking your delicious food creations over at Food Friday, Ms. Oggi
thanks so much for the support! :)

Winnie said...

These look wonderful!
I really like sweet things so I'm pretty sure I'd find them great for my taste

Unknown said...

wow, green Kit Kat! i didn't know there's a green tea Kit Kat. mukhang masarap!

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