March 8, 2012

Frog Legs Adobo

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I watched yet again Andrew Zimmerman's Bizarre Foods Philippine edition currently streaming through Netflix and thought the bloated stuffed frog legs looked funny and weird. When I was a kid we used to have them adobo style with achuete (annatto). They were tiny though and not as meaty as the ones I found recently at the Asian market.  

I'm not a squeamish eater but the frog legs looked unappetizing so I separated the legs, marinated them for a few hours in coconut vinegar, sea salt, crushed garlic, and achuete paste. They were then shallow-fried to add a little color to them before adding the marinade and a little water and stewed until tender. Delicious! Just like the way my mom cooked them.


wok with ray said...

Would you believe I used to love frog legs adobo as a kid because my dad cooked this all the time. I would eat it again as an adult especially with this nice of a presentation, Oggi. :)

Iska said...

I was so afraid to try them when I was a kid but I wouldn't hesitate to try it now :-) Sabi ng tatay ko lasang manok lang daw...

Unknown said...

i prefer them deep fried.:p
i have a friend in Tarlac, and his dad makes deep fried frog legs when i visit them. yours look yummy--it's great with beer.:p

Tetcha said...

I have a confession to make; I haven't eaten frogs yet, but I would love to try them because others keep saying they taste like chicken. Do they?

maiylah said...

tasted them once...once only. lol. not because i didn't like them, but the opportunity never presented itself again. :)

thanks for sharing over at Food Friday, Ms. Oggi
happy weekend!

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