February 26, 2012

Black and White Macarons at The Oscars

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black and white macarons for The Artist

Welcome to my 4th annual Film Awards Special. I haven't seen any of the Oscar nominated movies and don't intend to except for Hugo and The Artist when they come out on Blu Ray. Most of the nominated movies do not appeal to me and will watch the 2 films because I really like Chloe Moretz and Jean Dujardin. I've seen both of Dujardin's OSS 117 James Bond parody films and I liked them; they're silly but enjoyable. Two movies I've chosen as my best ones came out in 2009; they are movies I HAVE SEEN recently and instantly moved up to my top favorites.

Best Film 50/50 USA
A gem of a film loosely based on the true story of a young man diagnosed with cancer. Superb screenplay and acting by everyone including the surprisingly not too obnoxious Seth Rogen. The movie is honest, not manipulative nor maudlin, and free of gimmickry. It is amazing that the movie is sad yet inoffensively funny. The scene with Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character Adam, and his mother, played to perfection by Anjelica Huston, right before surgery will make even "The Rock" cry. 

Best Foreign Film Castaway on the Moon Korea
Another strange and entertaining but with a deeper message drama/comedy from Korea. Made me hungry for jjajangmyun (blackbean paste noodles). 

jjajangmyun noodles 

Best Animated Coraline USA


Update: February 29, 2012

Worst Movie Hugo 2011
Chloe Moretz, the only other character that isn't repulsive, could not save this horrible film. All the adults are always angry, except for Hugo's father who appeared briefly before being killed off. The boy Hugo acts stupid, almost retarded, but the most annoying is the station inspector who is not necessary at all but just added minutes of nonsense to this over-hyped movie. I suggest an early retirement for Scorsese...he did an atrocious job. Also whoever wrote the screenplay should go back to study how to write screenplays. The movie is supposed to be about Hugo but the movie shifted emphasis to the woe-is-me boohoohoo Georges Melies character. The movie is titled Hugo, not Georges; whatever happened to Hugo? And the supposed to be stunning cinematography didn't impress me either and I find the overcrowded train station scenes too stage-y. Well, 2 hours of my life wasted and I want them back!!!

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