May 16, 2011

Goose Egg

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Goose Egg

I'm happy I got a goose egg, not a zero but a real goose egg. I bought a few pieces along with duck eggs directly from the farm where the birds are being raised. I would have bought a turkey egg but they ran out. Maybe next time when I go back there which is not too far from my house, about 20 miles, but driving there was a bit dizzying. From the main highway I had to drive on a narrow 2-lane loooong and winding road which I thought at first is endless. There are a lot of farms in the area with livestock, fruits, and vegetables. Some of them sell in the farmer's market near my house but the family who sells duck and goose eggs doesn't want to pay the annual fee for a space in the farmer's market. So if I want more duck/goose eggs I will have to drive there again.

Goose eggs are huge. One egg is equivalent to 4 large chicken eggs. The white is translucent and much thicker too. I cooked one with half a tablespoon of butter very slowly on low heat while stirring constantly. The result is a creamy and moist omelet with almost like yema (egg yolk) candy consistency. The flavor is rich and not as eggy. I also made a fluffy omelet with one each of duck, goose, and chicken; that's equivalent to a 7-egg omelet.

Incredible Edible Eggs
their free-range chicken eggs are also huge, almost as large as a duck egg

Goose Egg
goose eggs have very thick shells; artists blow out the
contents, paint something on the shells, and they sell them

Incredible Edible Eggs
Duck, Goose, and Chicken Omelet
duck, goose, and chicken omelet

I don't have the patience to poke one small hole and a pin-size hole on two ends of the goose egg shell and also I can't draw or paint that well so I put one of my photos on an Easter egg design on the Dumpr website where you do all sorts of things to your photos, like distorting your face or make them look like old photos. Try it, it's fun.


Juliana said...

Wow, love the pictures...I never had goose eggs, and I always thought that they were eggy...good to know that this is not the case :-) And they are sure big...thank you so much for sharing such an interesting facts about goose eggs. Hope you are having a great week Oggi ;-)

Oggi said...

Juliana, thanks. I was also surprised that the flavor is not strong at all. And the yolk is very very creamy.

Anonymous said...

What farm did you get the goose eggs from? I work in Chantilly. Maybe experiment with salty goose egg!

Oggi said...

It's Cornucopia Farms in Purcellville. I don't really recommend salting goose eggs because they're too large. The perfect eggs to pickle are the duck eggs.

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