June 8, 2010

Pork Hocks in Coca-Cola Sauce

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Pork Hocks in Coca Cola Sauce

This dish by the late Thai prime minister and chef Samak Sundaravej, has been bookmarked since 2008 but I never tried making it until now. The reason is I didn't know what pong palo was. At the time I couldn't find the word either on the web or in all of my Thai cookbooks and I have forgotten about the dish. I just discovered here that pong palo is Chinese 5-spice powder which I always have in my pantry. This delicious salty sweet pork dish is a relative of our Filipino-Chinese Pata Tim and humba (hong-bah).

Pork Hocks in Coca-Cola Sauce
adapted from Samak Sundaravej's recipe
3 pounds pork hocks
24 ounces Coca-Cola
1 tablespoon sea salt
1 tablespoon fish sauce
5 cloves garlic, chopped
three cinnamon sticks
coriander root
ground pepper
3 tablespoons pong palo (five-spice) powder
fresh shiitake or wild mushrooms, stems removed and sliced in half
see-uan (a sweet, dark sauce)
chili and vinegar dipping sauce
  • Place the pork hocks in a large pot. Pour over the Coca-Cola and bring to the boil. Add the coriander root, garlic, pepper, salt, fish sauce, pong palo and cinnamon sticks. Add enough water to cover. Add the mushrooms. Bring to a boil and simmer for at least three hours. Make sweet sauce with see-uan (I combined dark soy sauce and dark brown sugar). Serve with chilli and vinegar dipping sauce.


Anonymous said...

Cookbook publishers reaching out across the globe should make it easy for us readers to provide the English name translation of their ingredients. They did not make it easy for you. It looks very good that calls for a lot of freshly off the cooker rice to drizzle with its thick and flavorful sauce.

Juliana said...

I love pork hocks, but since my husband do not eat them I barely cook it...I must tell you that I never had it cooked in coke...it sure looks nice and tasty...yummie ;-)

Rosemary & Garlic said...

Here again your addiction is showing :)

Oggi said...

A, oh yeah, it's so good with steaming hot rice.:)

Juliana, maybe he'll like this version with Coke.:)

Ann Marie, you noticed..teehee...

Dexie said...

You're speaking my language, hehe. Coca-cola sounds intriguing. Will have to try this sometime.

Oggi said...

Dexie, Coca-Cola lends its sweet maple flavor to the dish.

Anonymous said...

this similar to the philippines' humba.my favorite pinoy food but lot of fats.

Anonymous said...

Hi, are you using fresh or smoked pork hocks?

Oggi said...

I use fresh pork hocks.

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