January 16, 2010

Poilâne-style Miche : BBAC#33

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flavorful dense and chewy but surprisingly moist crumb

The Bread Baker's Apprentice Challenge #33: Poilâne-style Miche. This bread is supposed to be very large at more than 4 pounds. I didn't think I would be able to handle that much dough and it will also take forever to eat it so I halved the recipe. The procedure is not very complicated. The dough has whole wheat flour (sifted) and doesn't use commercial yeast. I actually used half sifted and half finely ground organic whole wheat flour. For the final rise I put the dough on a linen-lined 10-inch skillet. I was not brave enough to score my initial on the top thinking I might ruin it so I stenciled the O which in my opinion is way too small for the size of the bread (12 inches wide and 3 inches tall).

The bread came out perfect. It's dense and chewy, slightly sour and nutty, and moist which surprised me. The best thing about this bread is it got better and more sour as it aged, so yummy on the third day. I haven't tasted the original pain Poilâne and have no idea if the flavor and texture of this bread come close to the real thing but I am happy with it and I think it is a keeper.

Pain Poilane
I love the slices simply drizzled with buckwheat honey and sprinkled with flaked sea salt

flavor 5
texture 5
visual appeal 5
ease of preparation 5
performance 5
worth 5
Total: 30
Average: 5


Rosemary & Garlic said...

This was one of my favorite breads. Your stencil looks great.

Anne Marie

SallyBR said...


You did such a great job with the stencil, I am jealous...

I had frozen my poilane leftovers and had some today with my lunch - the recipe makes such a huge loaf!

Cindy said...

SO BEAUTIFUL!! Great crumb. Perfect stencil job. Look's like it could belong to Oprah. Where did you get the stencil?

Oggi said...

Anne Marie, thanks. It's good bread, isn't it?:)

Sally, thanks. More than 4 pounds for a single bread is quite huge.:)

Cindy, thanks. I drew the letter on a paper then cut it out.

Anonymous said...

Wow, sooooooooo gorgeous!!!! The stencil looks so nice. I also halved the recipe, but wasn't really successful - my dough teared apart when I wanted to transfer it from the banetton to the peel... ;-(((

Oggi said...

AP, thanks. That's too bad about your bread.

Janice said...

I, too, only made half a recipe. Love your idea of using a skillet for the final rise!

Oggi said...

Janice, my round banneton is too small for the amount of dough and thought why not use a skillet.:)

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