May 2, 2009

Movies That Make Me Really Really Hungry

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ramen soup à la Tampopo

Although I never eat while watching movies on DVD, reading fiction (and cookbooks), or listening to music, food and these 3 favorite activities of mine are somehow linked. I sometimes get inspiration from movies, music, and book for cooking the specialty of the day.

I made a list of my most favorite food-themed movies that never get old. Watching them over and over always makes me hungry as well as entertained.

These are my top 3 foodie movies:
1. Tampopo (Japan)
2. The Chinese Feast (Hong Kong)
3. Babette's Feast (Denmark)
I also love these:
Mostly Martha (Germany)
Big Night (USA)
Like Water For Chocolate (Mexico)

And these 2 are the most disturbing (anti) food flicks which I enjoyed regardless:
The Cook, The Thief, His Wife, And Her Lover (England)
La Grande Bouffe (France)

What are your favorite foodie movies?


Anonymous said...

I love your favorites, but I would add Eat Drink Man Woman, Big Night, and Ratatoulle. I know Ratatouille is animated, but the premise is wonderful. I mean "anyone can learn to cook". Loving to cook is a different story, and one I happen to live everyday.

Oggi said...

Anonymous, I saw Eat, Drink just once when it first came out. I'll borrow the DVD. I also liked Big Night, it's on the second list.:)

caninecologne said...

Tampopo is also one of my faves as well as Eat Drink, Man Woman and Like Water for Chocolate.

And...even though this movie totally sucked, I really loved the food sequences in Versailles, especially the scenes with desserts..."Marie Antoinette" by Sofia Coppola. Awful movie. Just turn off the sound and fast forward to the food scenes.

Oggi said...

CC or R, thanks for the tip.
I haven't seen those 2. Versailles is not out on DVD yet, I already put it my Netflix queue and I think we have a copy of Marie Antoinette but I'm not sure. I'll watch for the food.

caninecologne said...

actually versailles is not the name of the film. i was referring to marie antoinette, which was filmed in the actual palace of versailles. sorry for the confusion.

i loved watching kirsten dunst eat those macarons!

Paula Maack said...

Lovely ramen, Oggi! Just like in Tampopo! Mmmm...

As you already know, Tampopo is my favorite movie, also. And, that I have already blogged my list, so I won't be redundant here.

But, I will say that Tortilla Soup is very special with gorgeous food photography, a great story, terrific cast, and and a lot of heart.


~ Paula

Oggi said...

R, D'OH! I misread it, my fault.:D

We don't have a copy of Marie Antoinette after all, it's now in my netflix's coincidence that I have 2 egg whites sitting on the kitchen counter for 2 days already which is for the macarons I am baking today. If successful I'll write a post.

Paula, I'll add that movie in the queue. Thanks.:)

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