February 22, 2009

Alamid Coffee

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a most expensive coffee, AKA civet poop

One of the stuff I asked the husband to bring from his recent visit to the Philippines is coffee beans that have been eaten and excreted whole by civets called alamid. I have read about these coffee beans in many blogs and have wanted to try them.

The jar describes the brewed coffee:
  • Macchiato: smooth, sweet, and lingering dark chocolate flavor with a fruity aroma
  • Espresso: bold, rich, fully developed flavors swirling around your upper and lower tongue, no negative aftertaste.
I ground the coffee beans in a clean unused grinder and brewed it in my stovetop espresso maker, drank it black with no sugar. I agree to the sweet rich flavor and non-acidic clean aftertaste but can't really say it has chocolate flavor. I didn't add milk macchiato-style which might explain the non-chocolate taste. The whole bean itself has a very fragrant chocolate aroma. What I like is the lingering cool mouth feel around and under my tongue similar to the essence of mint but without the minty flavor, I'm sorry if I can't explain it very well, you'll just have to try it. It will cost you though as the coffee is expensive at $110 per pound (P1100 for a 100-gram jar) and if I were a billionaire and have lots of cash to burn I will drink this coffee everyday for the rest of my days.

I never thought that someday I'll be drinking coffee that a wild pesky animal has eaten and pooped out but now I have and I can assure you, this coffee doesn't taste like sh*t.:-)

Here is the Coffee Alamid website.


Anonymous said...

Oggi, I cracked up so hard at the scenes about this in The Bucket List. I'm glad to learn it doesn't actually taste like sh*t. LOL!!


~ Paula

Anonymous said...

Oggi! I'm sooo very glad you were able to try it! Good no?!

What's Cookin Chicago said...

I've heard about this coffee and how awesome you got to try it! Glad to hear it was good!

Sidney said...

Ok... game !
I will try this out but there is something I don't understand.
In their website they say:

Coffee Alamid is a blend of the Philippine's finest Arabica, Liberica and Exelsa beans .

Do they mix "civet droppings/coffee beans" with other non "civet" beans?
If this is the case then I think it is cheating the public.
This coffee should be 100% "civet coffee beans" and not a mix with other beans.

Or does it means that the civet is eating Arabica, Liberica and Excelsa beans?

I would be interested to know your opinion.

Oggi said...

Paula, I have not seen the movie..I moved it up to position 1 in netflix, thanks.:)

Ning, I'm happy to finally taste this coffee, thanks.:)

Joelen, this coffee is a must-try.:)

Sidney, I also had the same concern because I don't normally drink coffee blends, I prefer to drink either pure arabica or pure barako.
All the coffee beans in this brand (I believe) are all ingested and processed by the civets because I can't detect the earthy flavor of the excelsa or liberica. The coffee is very smooth and has no acidic aftertaste. I think the civet processed beans come from different areas in the Philippines and are mixed and roasted by the coffee company. You can try the pure arabica alamid which may be available in the northern Philippines or Baguio.:)

Sidney said...

Thanks for the info... anyway I am not such a coffee expert...

Erich Jao said...

I'm a coffee fiend and love to drink coffee. Alamid coffee or kopi luak is by far the smoothest, most fragrant and delicate tasting coffee I've ever drank.

Expensive but it is truly wonderful. It's like a Bach concerto in my mouth.

Anonymous said...

parang ebak ang lasa. walang kwentang kape mahal pa!


Oggi said...

Otoy, maybe you tried a fake alamid.:D

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