July 23, 2008

21 And 4 Other Movies

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I've been watching (and reading) a lot of movies the past few days. I watched 21 today and almost had a coma. Here are my ratings and the review of 21.

21 F

My new worst flick ever! Based on a true story about a math genius who was persuaded by his teacher to join a group of blackjack card counters to cheat the casinos in Las Vegas. Yeah, I know, what is so exciting about card counting but with the right script and director it could be good, example: Rounders with Matt Damon and Edward Norton. Not 21 though, which I declare is nothing more than 2 hours of cliches, slo-mos, mnemonic gestures, and several wig changes by Kate Bosworth. If I had taken a shot of my homemade mango vodka each time those annoying scenes come on I would have gotten plastered after the first half hour. I waited and waited and waited for the movie to pick up its pace but after one hour nothing thrilling is happening. It's as riveting as watching paint dry. Watching bass fishing perhaps is more exciting than this movie. I got up to do something in the kitchen without pausing the player and listened to the dialog and did not miss a thing. At the ending scene when Kevin Spacey was being confronted by the security chief I uttered: come on Keyser Söze, walk out of there! This movie is definitely NOT chicken dinner worthy.:D

My rating for 3 Hong Kong and 1 French movies: All A, Highly Recommended

Period movie, brotherhood, betrayal, ambition, lots of gore and martial arts. With Jet Li, Andy Lau, and Takeshi Kaneshiro

Asian James Bond with cool gadgets and sexy assistants, nonstop dizzying kung fu action, cheesy, comedy, romance, yakuza, the most ridiculous but entertaining chase scene with motorized skateboard and small bicycles in the chaotic streets of Tokyo. With Tony Leung and Kelly Chen

Sequel/Prequel to Infernal Affairs (remade by Hollywood as THE DEPARTED). With Tony Leung, Andy Lau, and Kelly Chen

A fictionalized account of the "lost" 2 years of the French actor and playwright Molière's life after he got out of prison for unpaid debts. Hilarious, laugh out loud funny, beautiful cinematography and music, accurate costumes and sets for the period. Played by Romain Duris who is the lead actor in one of my favorite movies last year, THE BEAT THAT MY HEART SKIPPED, a French remake of the American movie, FINGERS.


Chibog in Chief said...

its been a long time i havent been to a cinema..i miss watching good movies you know..before i used to download illegally but it's too dangerous to do it now LOL thanks for this movie review..now i know which one is worth watching :-)

raissa said...

Tony Leung is really good. I havent watched "Infernal Affairs" since I am not a big fan of mob movies. Too much "Godfather" when I was younger LOL but he is good in the films of his that I have watched - "In The Mood for Love", "2046" and "Lust, Caution". "Lust, Caution" can be a bit disturbing but the story is really good and plus Ang Lee directed it.

 gmirage said...

Just dropping by....I'll read later in the morning...Keep good! ;-)

Oggi said...

Dhanggit, you will probably enjoy Molière more because you don't have to deal with subtitles which sometimes get lost in translation.:)

Raissa, Tony Leung is one of my favorite actors. I first saw him in CHUNGKING EXPRESS and have been a fan since. I've seen the movies you mention here and the most spectacular HERO with Jet Li which is waaay better than CROUCHING TIGER (which I also like, btw). He is so good in all the movies he appeared in. LUST, CAUTION what can I say but Wow! Intense not to mention his NEKID BUTT!!:D
BTW, INFERNAL AFFAIRS is not really like the American Godfather series. The movie is more focused on the 2 characters, one from the police and the other from triad, switching places to get info for their bosses. I was irritated by the remake THE DEPARTED by taking the most memorable scenes without being true to the original movie's message. And to add insult to injury they cast Tony Leung's character with the awful Leonardo DiCaprio who I thought was emoting rather than acting.:D

G, thanks. Will visit you today.:)

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