May 21, 2008

The Ambassador of Cute

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Tadaa! Meet the new Japan tourism ambassador to Hong Kong and China, the kitten with a ginormous head, Hello Kitty herself, hahaha.

The amusing news made me unearth from the basement my daughter's Hello Kitty stuffed toy but couldn't find the really cute frog kerokerokeroppi.

She also had the weirdest Japanese stuffed toy monchhichi (baby and monkey) which I gave to my sister's daughter when we left Manila in 1988. The toy is a thumb-sucking doll in a monkey suit that when removed becomes a baby, it also came with a feeding bottle and then it wets itself.


I don't know what I was thinking when I bought and gave that to my then 1 year old daughter. I thought it was cute. In Hong Kong my daughter bought pencils and pencil cases, book bags, and all sorts of Sanrio items which she stuffed in a box and stored in the basement when she turned 13 or maybe 14.

Hello Kitty
say hi to Gitta's 20 year-old Hello Kitty


Chibog in Chief said...

hehehe, didnt know you also love hello kitty!! i feel like a kid again hahaha

Gitta said...

Hello Kitty is 20 years old?? Oh my god, I'm OLD!

Oh, and remember I found (and bought) Monchichi again? At Hot Topic, of all places!

raissa said...

I love Hello Kitty *hides face* my keychain, lunch bag and pencil case right now are all Sanrio stuff hahaha come to think of it my work desk is full of Sanrio stuff hahaha

Oggi said...

Irene, thanks for the links.:)

Dhanggit, isn't she the cutest big-headed cat?

Gitta, you think you're old..I AM OLD!!:D
Oh yeah, I remember monchichi but it's just a soft toy and doesn't have a suit you can take off to turn him into baby Pete Sampras, heheh.

Raissa, Hello Kitty and Sanrio stuff are popular among adult girls
in Asia.:)

 gmirage said...


I love HK too I had my daughie bought so much stuff lol and I use HK bags too lol.

no we're not old, we are young at hearts!

 gmirage said...

Oh, I'm selling HK bags too (mag plug ba?) hihi.

Oggi said...

g, HK is timeless, you sell the bags online?

 gmirage said...

Ay hindi online...=D but I found some good stuff from, their hk designs are awesome!

Oggi said...

I'll check out eBay, thanks!:)

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