January 12, 2007

Corned Beef Hash

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corned beef hash, steamed rice and boiled edamame for dinner tonight

Today's "corned" beef are actually brined or pickled with salt, pink salt and spices, but the word corned (salt as big as corn kernels) stuck so people still call them corned beef. Mine is actually just beef brisket boiled for 2 hours with salt, peppercorns, bay leaf and mustard seeds. I sliced the cooked beef in half lengthwise, then shredded into thick pieces. For the hash, I diced and fried 4 medium potatoes, then sauteed for 3 minutes 1 crushed garlic, 1 sliced medium onion, and 1 chopped tomato, then added the shredded beef, the fried potatoes, and some of the broth. We Filipinos love it not just for dinner but also for breakfast with fried rice and fried eggs. Whether you use the ready brined/pickled corned beef or uncured beef, it will always be superior to the mushy canned corned beef.


Anonymous said...

You can even eat it with spaghetti! :D

Oggi said...

What's next with spaghetti? dinuguan, maybe? I don't think so:=)

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