December 15, 2006

Been Baking and Frosting The Whole Day


Today is my daughter's office Christmas party, she asked me 2 weeks ago to bake a dozen each of both the vanilla and red velvet cupcakes. Baking 2 half batches of different flavors is time consuming, I kid you not. It took me the whole day including frosting them and putting them on the carrying trays (and I don't get paid for my efforts). Hmm, I should be selling these cupcakes next time. I was worrying that they would get squished or damaged during transport, but then I saw this 3 piece gadget: baking pan, tray, and a cover that has a handle to carry both pan and tray and they all lock in place, very nifty idea. You can easily bring 2 dozens iced cupcakes with ease, without them touching and moving around. I love the person who invented this.


Anonymous said...

Hey, so where did you get the carrying case for the cupcakes and was it cheap? Let me know because I have the same problem, thanks.

Oggi said...

Allisen, oops didn't see your comment. I got the case from Target, I think, for about $14. They may be cheaper now. There are similar ones at Michaels and even my local grocery sells them.:)

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