October 30, 2006

Aplets & Cotlets

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I have been going frequently to Costco to see if they have Aplets & Cotlets which they usually have at this time of the year. After 2 weeks it seems there won't be any so I ordered 1 box of Aplets & Cotlets and 1 box of Fruit Delights from their website. I don't understand why these candies are not available in stores. While waiting, I tried making my own using one of the recipes available online. 2 batches were palpak (disasters), the first was snotty in texture, yuck, and the second had a strong cornstarch feel on the tongue, blech. I might rethink the title of my post I can do that! because I can't do this. But searching online I found another recipe that sounds promising and will try making again tomorrow. Now that the costume is finished I have time to do other things. As for the Aplets I got a call from the seller that delivery will be delayed by at least 2 more days because of some shipping snafu, whatever. I want my Aplets & Cotlets now!


Anonymous said...

We should've kept the snotty experiment for pranks. "Achoo! Oh, sorry about that, here let me help you get it out of your hair... *wipe wipe*"

Oggi said...

Haha. Now we know how to make fake snot. I should have taken a photo of my "failure", sayang, I already chucked the thing yesterday.

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