June 15, 2021

Milo Polvoron

I bought a large tin of "Original Version" Milo made in Singapore. The previous tin of Milo I bought years ago was made in Malaysia. I remember it was grainy and crunchy just like the Milo I grew up eating, sometimes by the spoonful. It's perfect to top Milo shake - you scoop up the crunchy Milo on top before drinking the rest.

This new tin of Milo is powdery, tastes very little of malted powder, and not as chocolaty either. It's a huge disappointment. I cannot return it so I might as well use it but I always add at least 2 tablespoons each of malted milk powder and homemade chocolate sauce in shaved ice treat called Milo Scramble in the Philippines. I recommend the small tins from Colombia which has more chocolate and malt flavor although a tad sweeter. In other words, not all Milo are the same. Ovaltine is out because I find it too medicine-y and tastes even worse. Maybe I'll try Horlicks next time when I finish this tin of Milo.

The polvorones I made today is similar to the Spanish polvorones because I used fine almond flour instead of all wheat flour although I didn't bake them. Filipino polvorones are never baked.

Milo Polvoron
makes about 40 pieces

½ cup all-purpose flour
½ cup fine almond flour
½ cup whole milk powder
¼ cup sifted powdered sugar or homemade powdered birch erythritol (do not use Chinese erythritol)
4 tablespoons malted milk powder, optional
1 cup Milo
½ cup very soft salted butter
  • Toast flour over low heat in a stainless steel skillet until golden brown. Transfer into a shallow bowl to cool. 
  • Toast almond flour over low heat in the same skillet until golden brown. Add to the toasted flour in the bowl. 
  • Let both flours cool completely. 
  • Add the rest of ingredients except butter. Mix thoroughly with gloved hand. 
  • Work in soft butter with gloved hand. 
  • Shape using polvoron mold
  • Wrap individually in wax paper cut into 4 x 4 inch square. 
  • Refrigerate polvorones. These are best eaten when cold.

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