March 22, 2017

Pork Ribs With Fermented Soy Beans

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Pork Ribs With Fermented Soy Beans1

I grew up eating fermented salted black soy beans. In the Philippines it is called tausi and sold at wet markets. They are also sold in cans and plastic pouches. My mom used to add it to sauteed bitter melon or fish. This type of fermented soy bean sauce with whole beans is no longer available here in the US although years ago I bought the canned variety from China or maybe Taiwan but couldn't find the same thing recently. Or maybe I don't know the label.

March 15, 2017

Key Lime Pie

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Key Lime Pie
sweet and tart Key lime pie

Key Limes (Dayap)

For π Day I made sweet and tart Key lime pie. I don't use the bottled juice because I don't find it authentic enough. It's a pain to juice the tiny fruits but it's worth it. Besides, the zest is also great to infuse into sugar for later use or caramel custard or fizzy kefir water.

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